Customize Property Pages

Last edited on 2016-07-17

Configuration Files
     Configuration files are located in:
     C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW 201x\resource\PropertyPages

   Each .txt file is for a GObject, such as path ctrl, or while loop structure, ...  The filename is the Class ID of the GObject. e.g. 11.txt is for the path ctrl.  A list of config files is shown in the following image.  Click the image to see the text version.


   If the file doesn't exist, just create one yourself.  It's a CSV file.  Each line defines a page on the GObject properties dialog panel.  The first column is the page id; the second column is the VI to be used on the page.  Multiple VIs can be displayed on the same page arranged vertically.  There are 33 pre-defined pages listed below:


Create plugin from template
   Download template: simple template

Display plugin VI
   To display a plugin VI, simply add a line in the corresponding config file.  Specify the page id and the plugin VI.  If you can't find room on existing/visible pages, you CAN use any non-existing/invisible page.  You can rename the page to whatever fit your plugin VI(see example#2:Loops Property Page).

  - Property Page for decorations:
   Decoration Property Page

  - Property Page for While Loop & For Loop:
   Loops Property Page