Meet the Family Pets
This is Shamu the 8 year old family Cocker Spaniel. He can Sneeze on command, jump through your arms, beg, give paw, roll over, speak. What a hambone!
This is Miss B (Baby Bunny). She is a 9 month old 5lb spayed house rabbit. She is litter box trained, plays fetch with her baby keys and just loves you to pet her. As you can see, she is quite spoiled!
Aunt Flo & Uncle Charlie. A pair of 8 year old parakeets. Aunt Flo went over the Rainbow Bridge this year and Uncle Charlie went to live with the neighbors parakeet's so he wasn't lonely. With the best of care they can live a long time!
This is Isabella and her four babies. Aren't they cute! So much for our two guinea pigs being males!!!
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This is our sweet Olivia. She  will be 12 years old April 1st, 2003. Sadly the old gal is not doing to well. She  is the sweetest Collie you will ever meet in your life. In the puppy pictures she was 10 weeks old. Beautiful girl, isnt she!!
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In Memory of Olivia
Henry is our 16 pound kittycat! Very spoiled and lazy I might add!!
Spunky is our 14 pound lioness. You can tell just by her look you don't mess with her when she's being moody! Although when she wants to be she can be very sweet and loving .
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