The archive of a wonderful E-zine chock full of greyhound info!

The Greyhound Project, Inc.'s Adopt A Greyhound site covers virtually everything you could want to know about the breed. The site includes an extensive listing of greyhound adoption groups.

A netzine created as an information resource for sighthound enthusiasts. It describes the sighthound breeds, their sports and events, and contains entertaining and informative articles.


Adopt-A-Greyhound of Central Canada, Inc.
Greyhound Friends (Hopkinton, Massachusetts)
The Greyhound Gang (Kanab, Utah)
Greyhound Guardians, Inc. (servicing Northeast Illinois and Northwest Indiana)
Greyhound Options Inc. (Ware, Massachusetts)
Greyhound Pets, Inc. (Pacific Northwest area)
Greyhound Pets of America (National)
Fast Friends Web Page (GPA/CA--Orange Co. & Greater LA)
Greyhound Pets of America/Maryland
Ohio Greyhound Placement


A Tail of Two Greyhounds (Pipp & Jazz King's Home Page)

Bob & Lucy Dawson's Home Page
Fisher's Home Page
The Virtual Greyhound Adoption Page
Home Page for Maxie, Chance, Sugar, Candy, and Jake
Debbie and Anthony's Greyhound and Indycar Page
Mielikki's Hunt--Renee McCartin's Home Page
Sue's Greyt Review
Pharah and Zoe's Virtual Crate
Albmaj's Home Page (Major is Jonesy's half-brother!)
The Six Pack's Home Page
The Johnson's Greyhound Pages
Golightly Greyhounds


Prayers for Pets

Greyhound Gallery
Greyhound Manor Crafts (THE site for greyhound craft ideas!)
The National Greyhound Association
Greyhounds in Canada
Feathered Gems Beaded Jewelry (Beautiful jewelry!)
Wings for Greyhounds
The "Berry" Best Natural Pet Bakery, dedicated to the rescue of the greyhound
Links to Other Greyhound Pages (Just in case I missed a few, try these!)


With over 2,000 subscribers covering all aspects of greyhound ownership, GREYHOUND-L is without a doubt one of the best sources of information on the breed. To subscribe, send an email to Leave the subject line blank, and in the message, type SUBSCRIBE GREYHOUND-L YOURFIRSTNAME YOURLASTNAME, substituting your first and last names in the appropriate places.

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