Greyhound Mom greatfully acknowledges the following awards:

"Congratulations, your site definitely qualifies for Cyberdogs Magazine Award. A GREAT SITE!"

We enjoyed your site very much. We are pleased to present you with the REGAL PET CREST SITE AWARD.

Paws R Us AwardToo Cool! Award by Paws R Us
"Congratulations! You've done a GREAT job on your homepage and we're giving you the Paws R US award!
Your graphics are great and your content very interesting. You've put a lot of time and effort into your homepage and it shows! Thanks for inviting us to sniff around... we enjoyed our visit."

I am attaching Shaggy Maggie's Award for you. Your web page is GREAT!

Received 12/7/00
I am a CL/Co-Liaison from Yahoo-Geocities Petsburgh Stable Neighborhood. I was out surfing the neighborhood looking for great sites and when I came across yours, I said "Wow, I think I found a winner!!" One of the things I do as a CL is to reward our homesteaders, so attached you will find our Petsburgh Stable Award, feel free to put it on your site.

Received 7/15/01 name is Paula and I am a CL in the Petsburgh Stable. One of my many duties is to scan sites looking for those that I believe are outstanding and deserve a very special award from Petsburgh/Stable. Well I believe I just found that site!!!! Congratulations you have just won the Petsburgh/Stable Award. ENJOY!

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