Greyhound Mom greatfully acknowledges the following awards:

"I really enjoyed my visit to your site, especially the "greyt" greyhound pictures!"

"Congrats!!! Your site was submitted to me by Spacie for review of my very special you make a differance award. Upon reviewing your site I have to agree with her. Pets are a very special friend that nothing can replace. Who better than a dog (or cat) to love... they ask only for love in return... they don't care if you don't have a spotless house... the laundry's a little behind... all they want is love--a hug, or kind word. We ourselves have adopted several abandoned and abused dogs and found good homes for them (as our home is busting at the seams with the five we already have). What you do is fantastic, and I hope that you will keep up the good work. Spread the word loud and clear..."

"What a terrific page you have developed for responsible pet ownership and Greyhound Rescue. Your own experiences with these hounds is not only educational but is also entertaining. Good luck in the further development of your site, you are an excellent role model for breed rescue."

Dogmarks's Cool DOG Site of the Day for January 6, 1998!

"I got my first two greyhounds from Betty Rosen. Your site is excellent and so well put together. I would love for us to link pages but also would like to give to you our First-Class Site Award."

"You have a great pet web site... You also now have HeyYouSir's Pet Site Award!!!"

"Your site is wonderful! I love the bios of the dogs and I love Comet!"

"I loved your page and you did a fantastic job!"

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