Greyhound Mom greatfully acknowledges the following awards:

Our first award(!!) was received on 8/7/97

The GEMA Award is presented to sites promoting the joys and responsibilities of pet ownership. GEMA is an organization dedicated to providing financial assistance to individuals and groups experiencing unexpected, overwhelming medical expenses due to current illness/injury to their retired racing greyhound.

"I enjoyed your Greyt site and I would like to present you with the Blue Moon Award. It is an award for well done informative homepages and yours certainly fits the bill. It helps to have hit a huge soft spot with me, sighthounds that is! Thanks for the tour! If only there were more wonderful, caring pet owners who showed this type of dedication to the animal population! Concise, educational and entertaining site. Bookmark this one!"

"Great site; lots of Greyhound information. I love Greyhounds, our neighbor has one named Katy, a great dog. We really enjoyed our visit."

"Lovely site. I am pleased to say I spent time at your site and it captivated me. I went through every page on your site and I was disappointed when it was over. I read and read and read and I saw myself in your words. Although I love another breed, my passion for my dogs is as deep (my husband says feverish, which rhymes with foolish--giggle) as yours. My love began more than 22 years ago--and it just gets bigger. I am pleased to offer you the DOGGlink award. Please accept my congrats for a lovely page, but mostly for a patient, HUGE and understanding heart. Thank you for working to save the dogs."

Received 11/19/97 (The GeoCities A-List has been discontinued)

"I happened to have a friend over when I reviewed your site for my award.. BOTH of us quickly became completely enthralled/engrossed in your pages and couldn't wait to read about the next fur-child! :) You've definately got a gift for story telling. I currently do not share my home with any canines (just a psychokitty for now) but you've given me some great tips and ideas for when I do become blessed with a "best friend" again. :) (I'm more of a dog person.)"

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