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Cassie/'s GoldenLoves
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Thank you for viewing our site! 
     Come in and take a look around. 
     It may be a bit silly at  times, but it's
     really all about love
    The Fine Art of
   We are Long-Term Members of:
Southern Arizona Humane Society
Humane Society of America
American Kennel Club
Golden Retriever Club of America
        A Tribute
Many thanks to Eva Sikova of
Kennel Evidog .  We love our Ava
and Poppy!

photo of my Ava's Champion Dam, Dara

Check Out Memorial Weekend 2007!
I'm a Golden Retriever Fancier
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We offer an occasional litter of well
    bred Puppies of Champion lineage
    and/or trained adult "pet" Goldens.

While others specialize in the
    Exquisite English Cream Goldens....
    We specialize in the "Rare Golden Bear"  
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Home of the RARE GOLDEN BEARS...!
  We welcome your emails to find those trying to "better the breed",
  those who aren't "cashing in" on something that others are willing to
  pay a lot of money for and those breeders who have health clearances
  on their dogs and can
show proof of this.  Do your homework and find
  a breeder who is breeding within AKC standards and who truly cares
  about this lovely breed.  Remember...all puppies are cute but, that
  doesn't mean they grow up to be "good tempered, healthy adult pets".

  The beautiful English Goldens are being imported by the dozen and bred
   as if they were "cash cows" and not beautiful animals....be careful!  Attempts
   to improve the breed are few and far between as many rush to cash in on the
  'white golden' trend.   We are advocates of the
humane treatment of animals
   whether they be pets or breeding stock.    


Check out another wonderful European
"Cassovia Treasure". All dogs 
  are trained and shown by Kennel Owner,
  Ivana.  Excellent lines and beautiful dogs!

from left: Ebony, Escada, Apple, Grace and Beauty

        Thanks for checking us out!
hope you can "feel the love"


                  Our Girls
            C'est La Vie Evidog (Ava, left)
           Autumn of Bella Gold (Poppy, below) 

GoldenLove Moments....
           Brickman's Desert Hurricane
  Turns 6 years young & Lovin his life!
Some of the most beautiful dogs and pups
I've seen at this lovely kennel:

Tushen Flames of Silver aka. "Rihanna"

My dream is that someday I might own a dog
of Rihanna's lineage:)
  My Baby Dolls
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