The Summer Tour Reviews 2000

A summer of fun with the Fair Ladies of Rock

To save space for the reecent news friends your Faithful Corespondent has decided to create this page for the reviews from the summer 2000 tour. So put on your ruby slippers and ease on the memory road.....

/27/2000 Here is a personal review from Christopher Ingles, a native Texan who was nice enough to send your faithful corespondent coverage of the Dallas Show.... Here it is Just wanted to report the concert at Starplex in Dallas, Tx.on July 26----My friends and I were 4th row center stage. The Psychedelic Furs were great, and the B-52's were terrific (though would've loved to hear "Quiche Lorraine", "Channel Z" and even a few songs from "Bouncing of the Satellites" and "Mesopatania"..) But we're all here to read about "The Girls!" Considering it was probably 100 degrees (the Starplex is an outside venue) the G0-G0's were in top form! I have seen EVERY tour of their's (even the small "Serious Bar-b-que Tour" of '83. Thank God Kathy is a Texan!) and I have NEVER seen Belinda get INTO every song--she was so cute. Animated gestures relating to each song ( i.e. a kick for "This Town"..) Perhaps she was "on" because they were videotaping--or maybe because the crowd was going so crazy for them but she and the girls were really having fun with the audience as well as with each other. Belinda wore a black shirt and black capri pants with strappy mules that she kicked off (as always! And every bit the feminine star.), Char wore a black pleated mini-skirt, t-shirt, tights and boots (reminiscent of the early days), Kathy looked great in a tank top (been working out, Kathy??!) Gina looked cute and butch, and Jane had blue streaks in her 'flipped' hair and a turquoise mini skirt with daisy appliques! Before the concert, kitschy Herb Albert music was playing...and of course the opening was the "Popcorn" song. Set list was: "Vacation, This Town, How Much More, Skidmarks on my Heart, You cant walk in your sleep, Head over Heels, TWWLIH, Apology, Beatnik Beach, Cool Jerk (that hilarious 1999 version!) Kissing Asphalt, Sonic Superslide, Our lips are Sealed, We got the beat"....then Char came out and said they were told to wrap it up in 6 minutes!!! And for an encore played " Can't stop the world, Let's Have a party". Even if they had performed for 3 hours I would still not have wanted it to be over. BUT I was disappointed that I didnt hear "Lust to love (first time in 19 years!), Get up and Go, and Turn to You"....) I guess the new songs took the place of old ones. Maybe they DID have a time limit. Regardless I left wanting to hear more. I loved the new stuff especially "Sonic Superslide." Just before the encore Jane thanked "The Girls at Sue Ellen's.." a local lesbian bar that the girls usually go to after their concerts to play pool and drink. I think Kathy is friends with one of the owners. I'm sure a majority of the crowd looked at each other and thought: "Why are they thanking JR Ewing's wife's friends?!" I didnt make it to Sue Ellen's this year to see them (too tired from dancing for 3 hours in the horrible heat!) Thank you Chris for that fun review.

Here is the first of hopefully many more to follow reviews of the Go-Go's appearance on the Today Show. This one is from Patrick DC a regular on T&J.... Hi -- Patrick DC here only I've landed in Boston after a looong day that started fighting Joy-zee traffic but am happy to report that the TODAY Show was a blast. Arrived at 5:45AM to find only around 20 people gathered around the barriers and our lovely GoGo's -- most w/o makeup but WITH sunglasses -- doing a sound check before launching into: "Vacation" "Our Lips Are Sealed" "Kissing Ass-fault" their new song which I LOVE!!! "Head Over Heels" and a few other favourites? I don't remember the order. I was so tired!!! Wearing my tour shirt, Jane & Charlotte waved at me and Jane giggled. (She's single and HORNY!) Belinda had no makeup on and clung to her black sweatshirt, she was cold. Kathy & Gina rocked on, in need of caffeine! It was like a private mini-concert. I nearly wet me knickers! After their soundcheck, they left as the crowd began to swell. Finally, Katie & Matt came out and introduced the Grrls -- kind of condescendingly, I have to say. The show did some lame shtick about the how the '80s 'are baaack' and it seemed kind of belittling. Thank Goddess that they at least built the Grrls up before. Worry not, our Grrls came bounding out and took to the stage with dignity & aplomb! Good Goddesses, those Grrls clean up well! Belinda had her PJ's and looked ever the Ann Margret wanna-be sex kitten. It worked! I have to say, Jane stole the show in her pink wig w/ culers and nightie. She's just too damn funny. And STACKED! I MUST comment on how HOT Kathy Valentine is these days. I say this observationally, believe me, but she is really, really sexy. She has this mischievous smile and great cheek bones and those eyes just light up the stage in full wattage! She's got it goin' on. Gina, ever the coolest of all, just manned (personned) her drums and kicked-ass. She is a rock Goddess. Charlotte, again, cool-as-a-cuke, rocked on. Belinda was animated, doing those surf moves and her voice really sounds great! No weak link here! She flubbed some lyrics but that's just Belinda being Belinda. Polished & refined, yes, but there's always gonna be that not TOO perfect quality that I think we all appreciate about her. Matt LOSER did NOT know what to say or to make small talk. Belinda did a decent job w/it and FINALLY he asked Jane something about "how is it different this time around?" "I live in a TRAILER now!" "What'd you live in BEFORE?!" "A MANSION!" she giggled. Vintage Jane. Door-Matt FINALLY let Charlotte say something she had requested to say: "Hi, Astrid, Honey" and said something really sweet to her daughter. LOVE that Charlotte, there's really such a sweetness about her. Then they launched into a kick-ass concert that ended all too soon. Thanks Patrick for a fun and informative article.

Concert Update 7/18/2000 Here is a personal accounting of the fabulous Camden Waterfront show last night. Though it was warm and humid at the E-Center on Camdens Waterfront the show was an all around success. Over 2/3rds of the venue was sold and it had almost a capacity crowd on the lawn. The local Disc Jockeys from Alice 104.5 made visits to the stage between sets to award lucky patrons with backstage passes to meet the bands. Unfortunately your faithful corespondent was not one of them (BOO HOO) ;)Anyway the Psychodelic Furs were in fine form. Dressed entirely in black they performed several of their biggest hits and got a stand up ovation for their biggest hit "Pretty in Pink." Then after about a twenty minute scene change the B-52's made their entrance and the crowd went wild. Fred Snyder was dressed in an outlandish black and white shirt with black and white bell bottom pants. Kate Peirson always a looker was dressed in dark reddish brown leather pants with a bright pink blouse and ruffled shirt. Their back up band was fantastic and the set they performed was flawless. The biggest moment of their perfromance was Rock Lobster which had the entire crowd standing and dancing. Then the piece' de resistance were the Go-Go's. The setting was simple, a white drapery and white drops of silky mesh on the borders of the stage giving the impression of being in a bedroom. Then with a rush of colors and swirrling lights the Girls made their entrance. The crowd never sat until well into the set when they performed the newest song Apology. Probably it was because of it being a new song, is why the crowd did not take it well. Yet the rest of the performace was sheer enjoyment. Belinda almost flubbed in some of the songs but caught herself well. As to their attire. Belinda was dressed simply enough in black capri pants and a soft silk shirt that looked more like a pajamas. Charlotte was dressed very nicely in black with multicolored spangles on her blouse. Gina was dressed for action in tight peg pants and a white blouse with a flaming red headband. Jane was her pixish self. Dressed in a wrap around floral skirt that showed off her legs well and a she matched it with a white t-shirt and on her feet were the famous curled toe shoes. Then the real cake in the shop window was Kathy. Dressed in shocking pink silk pants and a matching spagetti strap halter top she could have stopped traffic. The set list was the same as the previous shows except for the removal of Get up and Go and the only recent material was Whole world lost its head and the three newest songs. Plus during their rendition of "You can't walk in your sleep if you can't sleep", Fred Snyder of the B-52's came out and danced with Belinda. Much to the crowds enjoyment. Then before the finale Gina said a few choice words (Sorry Friends but explitives are not allowed on Geocities)But the crowd loved it and Jane in her little girl voice said..."And what she said." Which made the crowd laugh. They then performed two more songs and the concert was over.

/14/2000 The Go-Go's were in Janes home state Wisconsin last night. Though only 1/3 of the seating was filled all that were in attendance agree that it was a great show. Bethann G. was in attendance and sent into T&J some quotes from Jane which she did during the show... Best line of the night: Jane saying it was great being back in Milwaukee "my hometown". Then she guzzles a Pabst Blue Ribbon and says something like the best two things about Milwaukee "Beer and Me!" Gotta love Jane when she lets her punk side out. Also here is the mini review from the local newspaper the Millwaukee Journal Sentinel.... Go-Gos, B-52s make trip back to the '80s one worth taking By Gemma Tarlach of the Journal Sentinel staff Last Updated: July 12, 2000 If a Go-Go sings to an empty forest of seats, does she still make a sound worth hearing? Photo/Jeffrey Phelps The B-52s perform Wednesday night at the Marcus Amphitheater. Yes. The Marcus Amphitheater might have been less than one-third full for Wednesday's triple bill of '80s acts - The Go-Gos, the B-52s and the Psychedelic Furs - but all three sets were as fun as Go-Go guitarist Jane Wiedlin's flippy blue sequined mini-skirt. The five original Go-Gos are on tour to promote a new retrospective disc tied to a VH1 "Behind the Music" special. While the show delves into the band's dark side, the quintet was all smiles onstage. Lead singer Belinda Carlisle's persona nowadays is equal parts sex kitten and soccer mom, but she still has enough chirp in her voice for bright and shiny punky-pop classics such as "Vacation" and "This Town." New tunes, such as "Apology," from an upcoming album of new material, packed the same surfer girl spunk as the group's earlier material, suggesting the reunited group still has ample get-up-and-go-go left in them. The made-for-summer B-52s at their best are as colorful and lightweight as a beach ball. But it seemed to take singers Fred Schneider, Cindy Wilson and Kate Pierson and their four-piece band a few songs into their 70-minute set to hit their stride. By the opening surf guitar lines of "Private Idaho," however, the band - and the crowd - was bouncing. Both stage and musicians were awash in sherbet colors, from Wilson's kiwi-colored pantsuit to Schneider's skin-tight orange pants, which he still wears with geeky panache, God bless him. The band saved its very best for a double encore: "Planet Claire," which orbited around Pierson's ethereal voice, and a tight take of "Rock Lobster" - during which Schneider compared radio talk biddy Dr. Laura to a crustacean. Clad all in black and playing in front of a black curtain, the Psychedelic Furs looked more like the house band at a goth bar than one of the '80s' most inventive pop acts. You could have fit the audience at the beginning of the band's set into a bar, too. But the Furs made the best of the situation, dishing up 40 minutes of lushly atmospheric pop. Front man Richard Butler, ever-svelte and still sounding like Ziggy Stardust's saturnine younger brother, exuded the same groovy spirituality as he did nearly 20 years ago at the Furs' height. Kneeling before the drum kit with hands raised in a gesture of prayer or spinning around snapping his fingers overhead, Butler delivered the goods on such crowd favorites as "Pretty in Pink" and "Heaven." His silk-and-sandpaper voice may have lost a little of its sustain, but none of its seductive charms. The rest of the quintet - including original Furs members Tim Butler, Richard's brother, on bass and John Ashton on guitar - performed nimbly enough but stayed in the background.

7/12/2000 Here are some quick reviews from the gang at T&J of the Go-go's Chicago show... The first review is from Anthony M. It was a really great show!!!!!!!!.....The highlight for me was the new song "Supersonic Slide" which is red hot!!!!!!! well as the mid tempo "Apology". The girls were charming and were having a blast on stage!!!!!!Belinda looking slick with her smmooth blown out hair and was wearing the same outfit from Leno including wedding ring.(I was in the 8th row I could see it and also on the closeups of her on the moniter.Jane was cute in her baby blue skirt and all over the stage ...Gina looking tough behind the drums...Char still conservative but looking stylish in her mini and black boots.....but the award for most improved GO-Go goes to Kathy!!!!!....She looked amazing!!!Very healthy and in shape!!!!The best she has looked ever!!!!!...... Thanks Anthony and from all of us at The Go-Go's Fan Page we can just hope the concerts keep going well and just keep rockin!!! Here is another review from the 7/10 show at Pine Knob from CDNow courtesy of Ro from T&J... B-52's, Go-Go's, Psychedelic Furs Rely On Nostalgia In Tour Debut July 10, 2000, 1:50 pm PT B-52's The B-52's haven't released an album of original material in more than eight years, but the near-capacity crowd at suburban Detroit's Pine Knob Music Theatre couldn't have cared less on Friday (July 7). The mostly male crowd -- and members of the opening act Go-Go's -- erupted when the band played the opening notes to "Roam" while "Love Shack" paused with a chorus of 15,000 shouting, "Tin roof rusted." Along the side of the stage, Go-Go guitarist Jane Wiedlin waved her arms back and forth during "Roam" before jumping behind a curtain, from which to peek. On the opening night of the '80s revival tour with the Psychedelic Furs, the Go-Go's, and the B-52's; the group "unearthed" a few songs from the "vault," according to singer Kate Pierson, including "Lava" and "Hero Worship," both of which received a lukewarm response. Strickland, the understated rock showman in the band, sprouted red devil horns, like No Doubt drummer Adrian Young. With a waterfall of blonde hair jetting from the top of her head, Wilson was clad in all neon green, resembling a can of Hansen's Energy soda. This tour is Wilson's first since giving birth in August 1999. In introducing the band, singer Fred Schneider offered his gift-a stuffed Tinky Winky in place of himself. Wrapping up "Hero Worship," one fan showed his own adoration by tossing a wooden bee onstage. "It shows that crafts are still alive here in Detroit," a red-clad Pierson told the crowd. The Go-Go's Like the B-52's, the Go-Go's provided the perfect summer backdrop for the muggy, 80-degree night. Appearing onstage to the eternally annoying instrumental "Popcorn" by Hot Butter, guitarist Jane Wiedlin bounced around like the cooking corn, before screeching, "We want more popcorn!" The Go-Go's showed opening night jitters straight from the opening number, "This Town." Lead singer Belinda Carlisle stumbled over words (namely in "Our Lips Are Sealed"). Stepping to the mike to talk about an upcoming song, Carlisle, burying her face in her auburn bob, told the audience, "You're making me nervous," to which bassist Kathy Valentine and Wiedlin responded with hugs. But Carlisle used her overt sexuality to win over fans. Kicking off her pumps during "Vacation," she pranced like a beauty queen across the Pine Knob stage. Carlisle, wearing shimmering black capri pants and a black shirt, shook her chest at male audience members and posed sweetly with her sparkling smile. "Are there any knobs in the audience?" she said to a crowd full of whistling men. The 17-song set primarily focused on the hits -- "Vacation," "Head Over Heels," and "Our Lips Are Sealed" -- but a few new tunes were sprinkled in. Carlisle said the band is working on a new album, due out in spring 2001. The Psychedelic Furs The Psychedelic Furs' singer, Richard Butler, seemed genuinely enthused about the wild response to his band's nine-song set, which included "Love My Way," "President Gas," and "Pretty in Pink." When the near-capacity crowd gave Butler a standing ovation for "The Ghost in You," he smiled and dropped his head toward his chest. In introducing "Heaven," Butler snapped his fingers above his head as he spun in circles -- a classic Butler move. B-52's set list: 1. "Is That You Mo-Dean" 2. "Dance This Mess Around" 3. "Lava" 4. "Roam" 5. "Hero Worship" 6. "Private Idaho" 7. "Good Stuff" 8. "Revolution Earth" 9. "Strobe Light" 10. "Hallucinating Pluto" 11. "Love Shack" 12. "Planet Claire" 13. "Rock Lobster" The Go-Go's set list: 1. "This Town" 2. "Vacation" 3. "Tonite" 4. "How Much More" 5. "Head Over Heels" 6. "Kissing Asphalt" 7. "I'm the Only One" 8. "You Can't Walk in Your Sleep (If You Can't Sleep)" 9. "Apology" 10. "Sonic Superslide" 11. "The Whole World Lost its Head" 12. "Beatnik Beach" 13. "Our Lips Are Sealed" 14. "Skidmarks on My Heart" 15. "We Got the Beat" 16. "Let's Have a Party" (encore) 17. "Get Up and Go" (encore) Psychedelic Furs' set list: 1. "Train" 2. "President Gas" 3. "Love My Way" 4. "You and I" 5. "Ghost in You" 6. "Alive" 7. "Mr. Jones" 8. "Pretty in Pink" 9. "Heaven" For concert reviews, tour dates, news, and more, visit CDNOW's Summer Concert HQ. -- Christina Fuoco And in older news here is a review of the Pittsburg show from the Pittsburg Post-Gazette... Go-Go's, B-52's, Psychedelic Furs throw a good party Monday, July 10, 2000 By John Young There is no such thing as escapist entertainment. Social and political subtexts color even the simplest, most straightforward art. Or maybe not. The Summer Road Trip Tour stopped at the Post Gazette Pavilion Saturday night. Featuring the Go-Go's, B-52's and the Psychedelic Furs, the concert was, above all else, fun. Oh, you could delve into the relevance of the Go-Go's punk underpinnings, the B-52's musical and visual stands against conformity, the darkness at the heart of many a Furs song. But why would you? None of those things mattered nearly as much as each group's ability to inspire fits of dancing, singing and general revelry among the 9,253 in attendance. Although they didn't play it until their encore, the Go-Go's take on Wanda Jackson's classic rockabilly tune "Let's Have a Party" summed up the spirit of the evening. The Go-Go's in particular created a loose, informal vibe onstage, chatting humorously between songs. The tunes themselves were largely played at lightning speed, the group jamming 15 of them into an hour-long set. Ironically, the Go-Go's biggest hits gave them the most difficulty. Singer Belinda Carlisle forgot many of the lyrics to "Our Lips Are Sealed" and "We Got the Beat," keeping the set-closing tunes from having their full impact (although they were still well-received). The band's performances of "Vacation," "Head Over Heels" and "This Town" were far tighter. The group also slipped in three new songs. Guitarist Jane Wiedlin jokingly requested that fans pretend each new tune was their favorite hit from the band's '80s heyday. The best of the new lot was the puny power pop song "Kissing Asphalt," but "Apology" also had its melodic merits. While not the official headliner, B-52's put on the most polished show. The group's early 90s hits "Roam" and "Love Shack" drew the heartiest applause of the night, and their set list kept people out of their seats and shimmying. In a concession to longtime fans, B-52's included some of their early songs, like "Hero Worship" and "Dance This Mess Around," that they don't often play anymore. Ironically, those songs elicited the most tepid reactions from the audience. Better-known fare like "Rock Lobster" and "Strobelight" had noticeably more impact. All of B-52's cartoonish songs about sex, sin and outer space, however, benefited from the delivery of a particularly randy and droll Fred Schneider. His purposeful misrepresentations of songs (he called the campy, talk/sung "Strobelight" a "love ballad") and improvised lyrics kept the group's set fresh. The Psychedelic Furs might seem a bit bleak for this bill, but the band members appeared to have as much fun playing as anyone. Singer Richard Butler wore a smile the entire time, though it alternated between looking warm and sinister. The band's poppiest fare, like "Love My Way" and "The Ghost in You," suffered a bit for employing prerecorded keyboard parts. The Furs were better in the gritty, rocking mode of songs like "Into You Like a Train," "President Gas" and a wicked version of "Pretty in Pink." Does any of this mean that you couldn't enjoy Saturday night's show on an intellectual level? Of course not. Somehow, though, it seemed best experienced as a simple celebration of unique, party-starting pop music. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Our thanks to Jamey S. of T&J for this informative article.

Jamey S. does it again friends... Here is an article he uncovered from the Chicago Tribune written just before the start of the summer tour. While searching for more reviews of the current tour, I came across this little article in the Chicago-Tribune. I think about the most interesting part is Jane acknowledging that she wasn't in favor of the Behind the Music special at first -- and that some of the gals, evidentally, aren't glad that they agreed to do it. THE FROTH AND THE AGONY: THE GO-GO'S MAKE A COMEBACK By Dan Kening Tribune Staff Writer July 7, 2000 If any band epitomized the frothy, made-for-MTV pop landscape of the early '80s, it was the Go-Go's. Thanks to bouncy hits like "We Got the Beat" and "Vacation" -- not to mention the novelty of being an all-female rock band at a time when there were virtually no others -- the Los Angeles-based band soared to the top of the charts. By 1985 the internal tensions and drug abuse chronicled so vividly in the recent VH-1 "Behind the Music" special on the Go-Go's caused the band to self-destruct and its members, most notably lead vocalist Belinda Carlisle, to go on to solo careers. Ill-fated reunions took place in 1990 and 1994, but things finally clicked after a brief tour last summer featuring all five original members: Carlisle, guitarists Jane Wiedlin and Charlotte Caffey, bassist Kathy Valentine and drummer Gina Schock. "It was last summer that we decided that we wanted to be a band again," says Wiedlin of the current burst of activity, which includes this summer's tour and an album of new material set for release next year. In the "Behind the Music" segment the members of the band admitted their squeaky-clean image was far from reality. "I absolutely didn't want to do [the program]," says Wiedlin. " `Behind the Music' is the kind of thing you like to watch, but you wouldn't want to be in one. But now that it's done, I'm glad that we did it, even if some other people in the band aren't." Twenty years on, Wiedlin says the members of the Go-Go's are a bit older and wiser in their dealings with each other. "This time it feels pretty natural and comfortable," she says. "It took a lot of years to get over all the little wounds we inflicted on each other, and we're pretty much still working on that. It can be hard, but it can also be tons of fun, too. We all feel lucky that we have this special group that people seem to care about." Finally friends here is another brother Go-Gophile Rusty 69 with a personal review of the show at Cinncinati.... The girls are getting better as they go along!!They rocked in Pittsburgh but the show was even better in Cincinnati! The new songs are soooooo good, it's hard for me to pick a favorite but "Kissing Asphalt" just makes me dance my ass off and "Supersonic Slide" seemed much tighter than in Pittsburgh. It rained before and during the Psychedelic Furs so the lawn section wasn't as crowded as it would have been in good weather but the pavillion was close to being full. I'm so glad the Go-Go's are closing all of the shows I'll be seeing because the crowd gets so much larger and more into it for the final band. The set list was almost the same as Pittsburgh except they replaced "I'm the Only One" with "Cool Jerk" and they replaced "Can't Stop the World" with "Get Up and Go". Once again, all of the girls looked incredible, Charlotte looked cute with her hair in pig-tails. And the most important thing for me is that they put on such a great show that one of my friends who constantly slams the go's as talentless bubble gum pop, was converted into a fan. He went to the show to see the Furs and the B52s and said he wasn't even going to stay for the go's. He was persuaded to stay and afterwards said he has a "new found respect" for the go-go's and was very impressed. He even requested to borrow my Behind the Music CD. I had such a blast watching him get into the music! I have two more shows to go!!! Thanks Rusty 69 for a cool review. 7/8/2000 Today dear readers your faithful corespondent was searching the net when he came upon this interesting article from Wall of It is a new interview with the Go-Go's that was taken on 7/6 of this month. Here is a transcript... July 6, 2000.... The Go-Go's Grow Up The members of the Go-Go's say they've got the beat once again. Rock's most famous all-female band has attempted several reunions since it split up in 1985, but none have had the staying power of its current incarnation. The regrouping has already produced a revealing VH1 Behind the Music and a new hits collection, as well as an '80s revival tour with the B-52's and Psychedelic Furs that begins Friday at the Pine Knob Music Theatre in suburban Detroit. Moreover, the quintet plans to record an album of new material in the fall, and it's eyeballing a book and feature film about its sordid, groundbreaking career. "I think we're all on the same page at the same time this time," says guitarist Charlotte Caffey, whose past bout with heroin addiction was the greatest revelation of the Behind the Music episode. Why now? "I really can't answer that question; we kind of were baffled ourselves. But we are very committed, and we're just going along and doing it, because this is what we want to do right now." Caffey and singer Belinda Carlisle say the group has written about 40 songs so far, three of which "Apology," "Kissing Asphalt," and "Supersonic Slide" will be performed during the summer shows. Recording is slated to begin in September, with a hoped-for release date of May 2001. "It's basically the Go-Go's in their 40's," says Carlisle, who lives in France and has continued her solo career in Europe and the Far East. "Lyrically, it reflects everybody's personal growth. I think, over the past 15 years, we've all had experiences; we've been married and had kids, and some of us are separated. It's all reflected in the new stuff that's been written but in the same sort of joyous vein as the old Go-Go's, I guess." Caffey concurs, describing the new songs as "great melodies, guitar lines, the same things. It's just not better, but who we are now. We're not trying to be who we were then. We're not trying to re-write 'We Got the Beat' and 'Our Lips are Sealed.' That would be stupid. It's who we are now." Gary Graff And here is a tidbit from Anthony M. of T&J who was in Detroit for the first show. He was gracious enough to supply the set list from the show. Here it is... Hi All! The set list: This Town Vacation Tonite How Much More Head Over Heels Kissing Asphalt (Astrids Mother) Im The Only One You Cant Walk In Your Sleep Apology ( Kathy wrote this New song) Supersonic Slide (New) Whole World Lost Its Head Beatnik Beach Our Lips Are Sealed Skidmarks on My Heart We Got The Beat Encore Lets Have A party Get Up And Go Our thanks to Anthony and if you go to his site you can check out some pictures from the new show. 7/4/2000 Well friends the Go-Go's really rocked the Big Apple last night with their appearence in Times Square. Patrick from D.C. a regular on T&J was in New York City and graciously sent in a review of the event to the gang. Here is a transcript... GoGo's in Times Square --My Review -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, what a blast the GoGos concert was in NYC. The theme was 'Salute To the American Hero" (it was mostly men & women in the armed services) and it was opened by Mayor Giuliani (he was booed!) and some model named Roshumba (?) who was totally lame. Gloria Gaynor came out (all two tons of her) in a gold MuuMuu (sic) and belted out "I WILL SURVIVE!" It was POURING rain out on & off but managed to let up a little bit by the time the GoGos came onstage. There was this woman cop with whom I was speaking and I shared my umbrella with her so she let me behind this police line and I got a really great place to watch the concert. The GoGos literally walked right past me as they were making their way to the stage and we all howled to them. Belinda Carlisle seemed kind of stuck on herself and looked straight ahead, ever the Diva. Still, she DID look ravishing. Kathy Valentine flashed us all a mischievious grin. Charlotte Caffey actually led the way and I was struck by her hair: not to be like one of those annoying fashion talking heads, but her hair is so full & thick and long. I know that that sounds really dumb, but as she walked by I really noticed it. [A good reporter always captures details] Gina Schock waved us a "V" peace sign and I was taken aback at how truly pretty she looked in person. She is a looker! Jane Wiedlin, was guzzling a glass of red wine and had really cool blue streaks in her hair (jet black) and they all looked so AMAZING. I mean, those gals looked gorgeous and 1/2 their age. They also had an amazing presence to them as some whom I'm sure might not have immediately recoginzed them at first all took notice and screamed when they saw them walk by. They had real star quality! They took to the stage and really rocked the place. "Hello, New York!" Belinda boomed into the microphone, wearing a blue rain poncho. They all were glowing under those lights and the humidity. Charlotte Caffey pounded away the piano intro to my all-time favorite song, "HEAD OVER HEELS" The sound was off at first but it cleared up. Next was "VACATION" and Jane Wiedlin squealed out, "Take off your shirts!" to all the military guys that were in the main audience area. "Come on! Show us YOUR tits, guys!" "Jane," Belinda laughed, "Times Square is now a FAMILY place! There's no more sex here!" Still, Jane insisted until some Navy guys ripped off their shirts. Their pecs were showcased on that huge television screen up above Times Square. Not bad... [Most of those guys seemed clueless about the Go-Go's at first. We on the side viewing areas tried to make up for it and screamed at the top of our lungs like teeny-boppers, I was so embarassed -- I'm 35!] Kathy growled and they opened a VERY long, extended rock & roll version of OUR anthem, "OUR LIPS ARE SEALED" By this time some of the people in military uniforms were on stage and they were taking turns dancing with Belinda, who enjoyed herself. They ended up rocking the place down with "WE GOT THE BEAT" and by this time, people were all hanging out of their offices and that entire place was dancing in the streets, even those clueless military folk. As they were leaving the stage, the GoGo's walked by us again and I called out to Gina Schock. She looked kind of wiped out and even sad at first but all I could think of saying was "I'M NOT WORTHY" and she grinned and shook my hand. I held out my CD liner of "Return to Valley of the GoGos" and she smiled when she saw it and gave me her autograph. A truly rapturous moment. . . The rest of them disappeared into a building off to the side. Can NOT wait until July 15th and the 21st (Today Show) Patrick in DC.

5/9/2000 The Princess of Rock, our very lovely Jane Wiedlin was interviewd by MTV news. Here it is.... 5.8.00 14:15 EDT Jane Wiedlin Talks New Go-Go's Projects The year 2000 is finding '80s pop faves the Go-Go's as busy as they've ever been. According to singer-guitarist and founding Go-Go Jane Wiedlin, this year the groundbreaking all-female combo (which formed over 20 years ago) will be active on tour, in the studio, on television, and even on the literary scene. First up on the group's list of endeavors will be a special edition of VH1's "Behind The Music" devoted to the band. "'Behind The Music' approached us about six months ago," Wiedlin told MTV News. "First they interviewed each of the bandmembers separately. Each of the interviews was an all-day thing, so it was hours and hours of footage. Then they go to all your colleagues and friends, people you worked with in the past, and they interview all of them. "Now they changed producers, and the new producer wants to shoot more of us, all of us together. I personally have been trying to tell them everything I can, but the main thing is they want some 'juicy dirt' or whatever," Wiedlin said, laughing. "It's funny, because there's five of us, and everyone has their own opinion about what should be made public," the guitarist said with regard to the band's "juicy dirt." "I guess I'm kind of an exhibitionist, because I'm like, 'I don't care what they know about me.' The others are more private. We haven't seen the piece, so we have no idea what they will include [in the final show]." In addition to the usual "juicy dirt," for the first time "Behind The Music" will release a CD in conjunction with the show, with the disc featuring the music that can be heard during the hour-long Go-Go's program. "Along with all the music, they'll have rare photos and new liner notes and all that kind of stuff about us," Wiedlin added. As far as Go-Go's music is concerned, there's more than reissues on the way. Late this summer, the band will head to the studio to record its first full album since 1984's "Talk Show." "We started writing in around September," Wiedlin explained, "kind of taking our time and writing a lot and throwing out a lot, because obviously it's important that it be really good. It's really cool, because right now Belinda (singer Carlisle, who lives in Europe) is in town, and we are teaching her the songs. We'll be recording by August, which means we should have a spring release." The new Go-Go's record will be released on Beyond Music (home of the recent Blondie album, "No Exit") and is likely to be titled "Vision Of Nowness," a phrase which has a most impressive source. "It's kind of a classic story," Wiedlin began. "Belinda actually got to meet the late, great Sammy Davis, Jr., and when he met her, he said to her, 'You are a vision of nowness.' We always really loved that. It's like, 'Wow, Sammy!' It doesn't get any better than that." Between now and the start of recording the new album, the group will be busy with a summer tour that will take the band to amphitheaters across the U.S. and Canada with the B-52's which, according to Wiedlin, is "always super fun." (Dates for the tour are expected to be released this week.) Despite the current trend toward live shows being more about choreography and production, the Go-Go's are more about delivering a straight-up rock and roll show. "It's just us," Wiedlin said of group's live offering. "We've never really been into having extra people or anything. We've never really had choreography, or staging, or extra musicians. This summer we are going to have a few costume changes, because we decided it would be funny. But basically we are a rock band, kind of no-frills. People have a lot of fun when they come see us, and that's really what we are all about." In addition to all the other activities, the band is also planning to tell its story via a tell-all autobiography and possible film project. "We've had a lot of interest from both book publishers and movie producers," Wiedlin said. "The point we are at right now is we have several publishers fighting for the book. We want to write the book first, and it will be a juicy, fun, tell-all-type book, and do the movie after that. We were trying for a while to do the book and movie concurrently, but it's way too confusing. "It is a really great story," the guitarist offered in reference to the Go-Go's saga. "And what I think makes it interesting is, it hasn't really been repeated. There hasn't been a bunch of successful girl bands. "I guess [the recently disbanded] Luscious Jackson have done pretty well, and L7, but they haven't done as well as they should," she considered. "We wrote all our own tunes and played our own instruments, and we still do. I guess our story is pretty unique." -- Steve Hurley 5/6/2000 Pat Broderick from the official Go-Go's site has posted a list of all the cities on the summer tour here they are.... Go-Go's 2000 Tour! All dates/locations are subject to change 7-Jul Detroit, MIPine Knob 8-Jul Pittsburgh, PA Star Lake 10-Jul Cincinnati, OH Riverbend 11-Jul Chicago, IL World 12-Jul Milwaukee, WI Marcus Amph. 13-Jul Cleveland, OH Blossom 15-Jul Baltimore, MD Merriweather 16-Jul Holmdel, NJ PNC Arts Center 17-Jul Camden E-Center 18-Jul TBDTBD 19-Jul Atlanta, GA Lakewood 21-Jul Wantaugh, NY Jones Beach 22-Jul Boston, MA The Fleet Center 25-Jul Dallas, TX Starplex 26-Jul Houston, TX Cynthia Woodlands Pav 28-Jul Denver Red Rocks 30-Jul Reno, NV Reno Amph. 31-Jul San Fran, CA Shoreline 2-Aug Concord, CA Chronicle Pavilion 3-Aug Los Angeles, CA Greek Theatre 4-Aug Irvine, CA Irvine Meadows 6-Aug San Diego, CA The Navy Pier Downtown San Diego REF: The Official Go-Go's Web Page:

As more news comes in dear readers you will get it here.

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