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The 'other' Box

By: Gino M. Herring

The "other" Box is a book about choices. It's about a little boy that struggles to find himself. He goes through his early years trying to determine his destiny as a bi-racial kid in the mid to late 70's. Life wasn't always fair. I'm sure that many of you can relate.



While times change, he comes to realize that some things

will always stay the same. He realizes that people were
all put on Earth to coexist in a delicate balance. All
kinds of people interacting together. Sharing their
differences and similarities. And while dreaming of the
future, he ponders a world with no hate.


Imagine a form of language understood
By all. One true communication.
Conceive a concept of one country with diverse
Thought. Not separate rule but separate ideas
All diverged into a bottleneck.
The whole world on one land.
Man in coexistence with man.
Paint one red, one black, one gold..
Now multiply it a million fold.
What do you have? Chaos?
Maybe. If that is what is taught.
But teach respect and it will be bought
By all. One word, one vision.
Everyone together on the same mission.
Conceivable, yes. Achievable, guess?
In this life, we can't even use verbal
Expression without making a mess.
To dream is to breathe. Our thoughts
Are our lifesource. And so,
We must always imagine.



PAPADOG says, 

"To meet the people in my neighborhood, put your
curser on the person you'd like to meet.
Then double click! It's that simple."

As you read through his trials and tribulations,
keep one question in mind...






Which Box Do You Choose ? ? ?


The "other" Box is written in the first person and
is designed to bring light to many bad circumstances
that for him, are totally unavoidable.





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The 'other' Box


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