Welcome to Geek Space, the Geek God's little corner of cyberspace. this is the nexus of geek space. within you will find ramblings of the geek god.  behold, the geek  is an avid gamer of many role playing games. yes, the geek god hides behind his screen of fear and ignorance (better known as a gm screen) plotting against the world and throwing the one ring to the hobbits just to see what will happen.

On this page, you can jump straight to the Updates page to see what's new. I add stuff often, so you may want to bookmark that page.

Navigation: At the bottom of each page is a divider which looks like this:

Beneath the Divider you will find one or more buttons. The first button you might see is a red capsule marked index:
Click the red capsule and you delve deeper into geek Space.

Beneath the red capsule, you will find a blue capsule:

If your friends see you and Geek Space and you don't want them to beat you up and take your lunch money, click this button for a speedy retreat.

below the blue capsule is a green capsule:

clicking this button will allow you to jump back to your last launching point in Geek Space.

Geek Space is divided into several sections. You might also see a banner after the buttons. the banner will allow you to jump into a different part of geek Space. It is marked accordingly as to where it will take you.

click the banner to see what's new.

click the banner below to begin your journey into Geek Space.

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