My Postcard Preferences

  • SIZE: Continental (4x6) or Standard/Regular (3x5)
  • TYPES: Real Photo, Topic, View, New, Un-used
  • CONDITION: Good to Mint, please no damaged, bent or worn postcards I prefer the cards to be mailed individually (not in an envelope) unless I am doing a multi-card swap.

If possible I would like the cards to have the name of place which they are from printed on the card.

  • MILITARY: Anything related to any branch of the US Armed Forces, but I am currently looking for Ft Stewart GA, Ft Sill OK, Camp Hovey Korea & Camp Doha Kuwait or Tanks/Military Vehicles - specifically a Bradley or Linebacker.
  • BRIDGES: Covered bridges, large open bridges (ex: Golden Gate Bridge)
  • CITIES: Aerial views, skylines, city views, courthouses, card depicting something for which the city is famous for (ex: the big apple - NewYork)
  • STATE CARDS: State cards (maps, flags, capitol buildings, birds etc.) preferably stamped in the state of origin, state cards depicting something for which the state is famous for (ex: the Georgia peach)
  • STADIUMS/SPORTS: College & Pro Football Stadiums, Sports Arenas or teams, Nascar Racing (tracks or racing teams), Major League Baseball Stadiums and/or teams
  • PEOPLE: The Amish, Native Americans
  • MISCELLANEOUS: Lighthouses, Waterfalls, Landscapes, Landmarks, Thomas Kinkade, Recipes, Historical Homes/Plantations
  • DISLIKES: Free/Rackcards, Humor, Nudes

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