A Home in Which To Die

A Home in Which To Die

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A Home in Which To Die

A novel by Robert Clark Nielsen copyright© 1999

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Chapter One

The Greatest Loss of All

Chapter 1

The Greatest Loss of All

The Evans' had not been in Colorado very long

before a tragedy struck to the very heart of their little family.

Chapter Two:


Chapter 2

Chapter Three:

A High Arc Shot,

Chapter 3

Chapter Four:

Clearing Skies Over Mesa Verde

Chapter 4

Chapter Five:

A Quiet Ride

Chapter 5

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Chapter Six:

Dinner at The Fleece

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A Home in Which To Die

Hey! I was just thinking, (well, it's not that unlikely) if you've read thus far, you might like to read the first chapter of Part Two: A Sail, A Sail --Chapter 7, THe Night the Law Made Acquisition

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