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We now have a new litter of puppies who are now up for adoption. We have three boys, and one girl. Pictures will be uploaded shortly...so check back often

News from our first litter: Harley is in her new home!

The Nadrowski's bought Harley a fitting hat, and sent a picture!

Thank you, and kiss our baby for us... We miss all the pups so much

We couldn't have found better parents for each of them!

*New photos available In the nursery!

Welcome to our home on the web. We are located in Palm Bay, Florida. Our family has two dogs, a cat and a turtle. Our Bichon Frises are named Remy (Sire) and Martini ( Dam). My husband and I also have four daughters ranging in ages from 8-14. All of our girls are very loving, caring, passionate, and most of all ... animal lovers. Which makes for very cared for and spoiled Foster Bichon Puppies. My daughter Sterling who will be turning 12 October 6, got Martini last year for her Birthday. She does all the chores for Martini and takes perfect care of her. Sterling will be making a lot of the profit off the sale of each of her puppies. We really don't want to let them go, they are so adorable, but will to loving and caring homes.

Please contact us...These pups will be available on 8/28/06

Contact us when you are ready for a friend for life.

All of our Pups have been adopted.

Check back for new litter announcements

Martini and Remy are the proud parents of

Three Females and Two Males born 6/24/06


These are the only dogs we breed. We love this breed because they are very friendly dogs, excellent with children other nice dogs and cats also. They can be taught lots of tricks and are obedient. Since these are a double-coated dog they do not shed, but must be groomed and trimmed. Our dogs do not have allergies, runny eyes or any congenital defects. There is No shedding or doggie smell and they are hypo-allergenic. Which means even though you are allergic to everything, you can still have a brand new puppie... A FOSTER BICHON PUPPY. All puppies are home raised and started on crate training/house training. They will be very socialized, our four daughters can't get enough of them. Most of all, they are raised with lots of love!

These are pet quality dogs.Their health is guaranteed for one year for congenital defects that would result in the death of the dog. A new puppy would be provided when available. All litters are AKC and can be registered with the American Kennel Club.

(Pronouced: Bee-shahn Free-Zay)


The Bichon Frise weighs from about 10 to 20 lbs., with a body length slightly longer than the height at the shoulder, which is from 9 (absolute minimum) to 12 (absolute maximum) inches tall. The hair coat is white, does not shed and is hypoallergenic. Ten percent color is allowed, such as cream, buff, or apricot, and is usually on the ears. Ours are pure white. The coat is thick, with a soft under coat and a curly outer coat, and will require regular grooming to prevent the hair from matting.

The Bichon Frise is a long-lived, wonderful companion animal with a great disposition, being smart, sensitive, playful, and loving.

Home Bichon History Application to adopt Our Nursery Adoption Prices AKC Registration Contact Us Health Guarantee


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