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AIRBUS Airbus is a joined cooperative of many european aircraft manufacturers like British Aerospace, Aerospatial and DaimlerChrysler Aerospace.
The last generation Airbus aircraft like the A320, the A330 and the A340 are among the most advanced airliners in the world. The newest project is the A3xx, a giant doubble decker airliner with twice the capacity of the 747.
Boeing The largest manufacturer of comercial aircraft. I chose the adress for this page as a homage to their largest airliner yet to come: the fully double decked Boeing B747-900.
In 1992 I visited the Boeing plant in Everett, Washington - an experience everyone interested in civil aviation should make if the chance is there.
One of the companies that form the european Airbus cooperative.
Bombardier Learjet Learjet, the manufacturer of the famous exclusive Business Jets is now a part of Bombardier Aviation.
Gulfstream Gulfstream also makes exclusive Business Jets.
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