Hello one and all, my name is Jeremy Manuel and this is my webpage. As you can see this webpage is about a variety of topics. These topics include information about me and my family as well as jokes, pictures, quotes, and a few random thoughts of my own around here as well.
The main influence behind this website though is to keep it Christian. While it may be a website about me and my interests and contain a variety of subjects the main purpose of this website shall be always to provide a Christian point of view and to reflect the glory of God. This doesn't mean I can't have fun with this place, but it means that you shouldn't be offended by what is on any of my pages. However if you are feel free to e-mail me and let me know. Of course it will ultimately be up to my judgement of what stays and what goes, but I'm willing to get any comments at all about what is liked or disliked about my little piece of the internet.
Feel free to E-mail me all you like if you have suggestions on what I could do differently on the site. Please just make sure that any suggestions are of a possitive nature, I mean how many of you would take a suggestion seriously if someone did it to you in a rude and ignorant manner eh? Also if you wish to communicate with me with other methods I have AIM, Yahoo and MSN. So feel free to e-mail me to ask for those screen names and/or numbers. Alright well laters.
Updates 11/9/03:

Update: Photo Album

Update: New Look for Main Page

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