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Winter homestead scene Dione's Homestead!

Hi, I'm Dione.

Welcome to my homestead.

I haven't updated it in a while, but feel free to look all around, minding the cobwebs as you go! I will get back into updating it soon!

You'll find my dear husband, André - an ITIL master and specialist - pottering around in the garden or catching up on some sleep, usually. He does his best thinking here!! ;) His on-line Curriculum Vitae/Resumé has been updated, so if you're looking for an excellent candidate for the job, look no further. Alternatively, you can read his on-line Executive Overview.

Our children, (Jordan Nathan and Connor Taine), are usually around us somewhere! There are photos of both the lads dotted around the site!

I would also be pottering around the homestead, often in the kitchen, since I love baking and cooking. However, I am now paying the price of bad eating and excercising habits! (Just don't look for photos of *that* problem, hahahaha!)

While I am cooking or baking I often dream of all the travels we've been on and plan others I wish we could go on! I am working on links to some of the places we've been to and photos of our trips.

You may even find me in the study sometimes: I have just completed a basic HTML 101 course at Heartland University! I achieved a 100% pass: I am so chuffed!

Cricket (internationals especially), is usually what will be on on the television set. If the game isn't televised, it will be on the radio at least! If neither is available, the score is kept up to date via the net! We don't like cricket; we LOVE it!!

We enjoy spectator sports, reading, the arts, MUSIC, frugal living and travelling, amongst a host of other things. Our lads take up so much of our time, so, at the moment, our lads and their lives are a priority!

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">special coffee area where we discuss water births; please leave your story there? I would love comments both pro- and con- water births, as well as comments from doctors and midwives, not just the mom's comments! Included in Connor's page is a photo of the birthing bath both Jordan and Connor were born in. Eventually I will have various links to pages of interest, pertaining to water births.-->

There are now loads of photos in our photo album. Some of them take a while to download, so please be patient?! Also, if you go to the links on the various pages, there are also photos there. There are photos all over the place!!!

I am also working on my links at the moment; hopefully by the next time you stumble in, there will be a bit more of interest! Since I lost all my links in a pc crash we had, I have only a few left, so please check back often.

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I am trying to trace my grandfather's paternal family, the Morom's. My grandad, who passed away a few years ago now, was born in South Africa; Smithfield to be exact. His dad was in the mounted police there and died a couple of days after my grandad's birth. If you have any information for me, please leave it here:

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