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Disappeared Young Actors is a site that dedicated for the young actors/actress who hasn't acting anymore in recent years. I hope this talented kids will be back soon, because they're very talented and really joys to watch!

Click one of the left menu for visiting the disappeared young actors/actress galleries. Have fun!

If you have a suggestion to my site, adding some information, or correct the wrong information in this site, just simply send me email to : or send me feedback.

You also can discuss general things with other visitors using My Disappeared Young Actors Forum

And, don't forget, if you want to use my pictures to your own homepage, please ask permission first, okay.

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Have explore the site!


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What's New on Disappeared Young Actors?
30/05/09 Added galleries of Dima Martynov
21/05/09 Added galleries of Ross Malinger
15/10/08 Updated Galleries of Chris Demetral
15/10/08 Added galleries of Zachary Ball
08/09/08 Added galleries of Kasper Andersen
07/09/08 Added galleries of John Joseph McNeill
03/09/08 Added galleries of Adam Taylor Gordon
24/08/08 Added galleries of Alex Micheletos
23/08/08 Added Extra Gallery Page

What's New on Disappeared Young Actors Extra Gallery?

28/03/09 Added galleries of Libera
Added galleries of Declan Galbraith
02/11/08 Added galleries of Austin Anderson
30/10/08 Added galleries of Joseph McManners
29/10/08 Added galleries of Jesse James
26/10/08 Added galleries of Gabriel Damon
25/10/08 Added galleries of Max Thieriot
24/10/08 Added galleries of Martin Madej
22/10/08 Added galleries of Inigo Byrne
21/10/08 Added galleries of Erik Per Sullivan

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2005-2008 Disappeared Young Actors & Extra Galleries by Puspa Allamanda. All Rights Reserved. This page was first created on November 25th, 2005.

Disappeared Young Actors does not have any relation with any of the displayed actors, their families or agents. In order to keep my bandwidth under control, don't link directly to my pictures. If you want to use some of my captures, please ask for permission first. All images remain property of the respective owners.
Many thanks
Puspa Allamanda



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