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Investigating Paranormal Activity in and around the Central OH area.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced investigator, this site welcomes and encourages everyone to explore their personal interests in paranormal investigations.

Soon to come...

Evidence! From EVP's to photo's, We will share our evidence with the community from private (location and residence will not be disclosed) and public locations.

Blogging.. From equipment reviews to personal belief's from the crew, we will voice our honest opinions on hot topics in the paranormal field.

In need of an Investigation? We offer our services FREE of charge. We have all the latest scientific equipment and research places and offer both the scientific readings along with a spiritual aspect, some of our crew member's offer their spiritual gifts/abilities to communicate with the otherside and give a detailed report as well to those who are interested.

We keep an open mind on every investigation and have a variety of different beliefs in our group- We are here to research and prove or disprove what else may be sharing our space. All of our work is gone through together and discussed to find a conclusion to what paranormal activity is being experienced. We have members with 30 years of experience with spiritual contact and 7 years experience with scientific equipment. We offer a logical, thorough investigation free of charge to the Central OH community.

If you have questions regarding personal experiences, please feel free to contact our investigation group at ghosthuntersOH@yahoo.com


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