Here are some ground rules for playing an Anne Rice Vampire.
1. All vampires as soon as they are turned have basic vampire powers/weaknesses:
                                  -Enhancement of the Five Senses (see, smell, etc.)
                                  - Strength
                                  -Passion for Blood
                                  -Intolerability of the Sun.
2. As time passes for the vampire, new powers or weaknesses begin to arise:
                                   -Resistance to the Sun.
                                   - Resistance to the Passion for Blood.
                                   -Upgraded rejuvination/Self-Healing.
                                   -The Power of Fire*
Despite what you might have heard, the blood of a dead host cannot kill the vampire if consumed. They just think it's disgusting. Also, the vampires need live hosts to nourish themselves, so they can't get any nourishment from the dead. Even if your character has been around for centuries, like Maharet, this character is still hurt by sunlight. Although it won't kill them, the sun will burn them up and it takes a very old, strong vampire with a intimidating power of self-healing to go through this. Lestat tried to kill himself in the Tale of the Body Thief, for instance, in the Gobi Desert as the sun went up. He recalled that he felt excruciating pain then soon went unconcious. When he woke up it was  nightfall and he had already healed himself, but he developed a suntan. heh.

The upgraded powers, as I call them, do not occur overnight. It will take the vampire at least over a couple hundred years to attain and master at least two of these powers. When the vampire is young, they can easily be killed.

*The Power of Fire is the ability of very very very old vampires to burn younger vampires up using a heightened form of Telekinesis. This power is restricted to the First Brood I believe. The First Brood consisted of Akasha, Khayman, Maharet, and Mekare. Sorry people.

As vampires are turned, they immediately develop a few key characteristics that make them vampiric in nature. They become more alluring to mortals and immortals alike. Ricean Vampires appear similar to what they did in life, though the dark blood subtly changes the base creature to resemble a more attractive, more seductive version of the original. It is different for each ricean vampire, but regardless, the base creature, if not already young, will recapture the essence of youth. The base creature's skin becomes a pale white, which becomes paler with age, and more glossy. The fingernails become glassy and reflective, and the eyes become preternaturally coloured, drawing people in, and often reflecting light.

The body changes to become more appealing, and hair will stay forever at the length it was in death. Cutting hair will cause it to grow back within 24 hours, usually as the vampire sleeps.

As time progresses for a vampire's life, their human characteristics and flaws become magnified. Lestat, the most famous of Ricean vampires, became a narcissist after being changed.

The vampires do cast shadows and can see their own reflections. Crucifixes do not work. A stake through the heart might work on a younger vampire who cannot fend for him or herself, but the strogner a vampire is, the less likely it will work. Vampires are combustible, though. They can easily catch fire and burn to ashes. It might be too late to save a younger vampire from extinction after being burnt, but if an older vampire was burnt to ashes, a group of vampires could, in fact get together and poor their blood onto the ashes to heal the burnt vampire. (It happened in one of the books to Louis. He tried to kill himself and a group of vampires spilt their blood on him to reanimate his body. I can't remember right now which one it was. )
The only garunteed way to kill a vampire with fire is to scatter his/her ashes.

They often embrace finery and decadence and may assume the guise of nobility, if they weren't already.  Unlike conventional vampires, ricean vampires cast shadows and reflections and are not so easily identified.

The tendency of every Ricean vampire is to long for companionship from other vampires. Mostly, they long for their maker to return to them. But it is also a tendency of vampires to get really bored with current company and go out searching for solitude or another vampire. Because they live for so long, they also desire to make contact with the current era by either embracing a human or speaking to one (Interview with the Vampire). Sometimes they will live in covens with other vampires, but these covens do not last long at all.

Anne Rice vampires are usually more philosophical in nature than combatant. They contemplate their own existence and the morality of being given infinite life only to take it away from others.If you are really into more action than thought, then these baddies are not for you.

The Vampires are VERY territorial. If an older vampire finds a younger one on their "turf," they will barely hesitate to kill it.
Anne Rice Vampires don't really have sex. The bloodlust, as it is called, is enough for them. Feeding off of blood is very sexual in itself. Vampires are not gender oriented anymore either. There is no question of sexuality because there is no sexuality in human terms between them.

The Turning
For a human to be turned, there are necessary steps that must take place on top of any situation for it to work.
1. The Maker must drain the human to the point of death.
2. The Maker must wound him/herself somewhere (usually the wrist) and let the human drink it. The more they drink, the stronger the young vampire will become. (This is very painful for the maker and the blood is supposedly very good.)
3.The Maker must stop the human from drinking anymore.

Unlike the movies, Ricean vampires, when turned, do not writhe around on the floor in pain nor do they scream or yelp and what not. It takes at least a day for their human life to be dead. The newly made vampire is aware of a death or battle going on inside, but it is nothing more than maybe a headache or nausea.
Once a vampire is turned, they CANNOT read their maker's mind nor can the maker read their fledgling's mind anymore.

I will be retouching this list as the rules come back to me.
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