Out of Character Rules with the Mun.
1. I'm polite and nice to a point. If I don't like something, you know about it. It's just the way I was brought up. In other words, don't get on my bad side.
2. I really hate elitists. I used to be one and then realized how stupid that is. Everyone starts somewhere. So don't make fun of people who aren't as developed writing wise as you or at least don't do it around me. As long as someone is willing to learn, BE NICE!
3. When I write, I write FFTB. This means Free Form and Turn Based. In my experience it's the easiest and funnest. No dice, mana points, or whatever Dungeons and Dragons type crap you've pulled out of your head.
4. If you write with this character, you at least have to know the strengths and limitations of a Ricean Vampire. Especially the capabilities of one as old as Maharet.
5. I am not the real Maharet. I have had trouble in the past with people who think I am really her. On this page and only on this page will you witness me saying that I am not her. I have found it is easier when people IM me or e-mail me about her just to go with what they say.
6. Treat the charrie and mun with respect. We have earned it.
7. Mature Rp and detailed posts are always a must. Be creative. Intrigue me. Make me want to write with you. Mature does not mean sex. So cybering freaks leave me alone.
8. The writing content in which I am involved contains subjects that can relate to death, revenge, sex, violent acts, homosexuality, and other things that the general public find taboo. I think that is what makes it unique.If you cannot handle these things, please do not involve yourself and be a polite bystander. You will not change anyone's beliefs by ragging about how Jesus would never forgive me for something I said or did IC.
9. I'm not writing to gain attention or to get a boyfriend. I have a lovely one as it happens and am not looking to fall in love and go on carriage rides and meet IRL. So, let's forget that, k?
10. This site is non-profit. This is an Arcane Shadows production. This means that what little I have worked hard to make with my limited skills of HTML and the internet is my own. Everything save for the original artwork is mine. Don't, I repeat DO NOT TAKE MY F'ING STUFF! It's rude and I have an overabundance of Revenge tactics. I could ruin your life if you let me.

If I have scared you, I'm sorry. I don't really care if you don't like my rules. But I look forward to any material you can bring to the table.
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