||The Empress||
"Lady of tremblings, high-walled, the sovereign lady, the lady of destruction, who uttereth the words which drive back the destroyers, who delivereth from destruction him that cometh...I have made my way, I know you, and I know thy name, and I know the name of her who is within thee: She who slayeth always, consumer of the fiends by fire, mistress of every pylon, the lady who is acclaimed on the day of darkness...red of hair and eyes, who appeareth by night, and doth fetter the fiend in his lair. Let her hands be
given to the Still-Heart in his hour, let her advance and go forward..."
                                                           --Egyptian Book of the Dead
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||Updated 2/19/06||
The Ancients

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The Immortal Rapture by daunted_myth
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