Sailor Moon Carddass Masters "Seramyu" Live version 2002 set

2 "Not for Sale" seller distributor cards

13 unnumbered promos

1 Ad card

This special set was released for a few months in mid-2002. It features scenes from the latest "Seramyu" live-action show. Each card features both front and back designs, as well as a slight description as to what is going on in each scene.

The most difficult aspect of collecting this set are the rare cards. Each pack comes with 8 cards, of which one will either be a holo card or ultra rare signature card(ratio is about 1 per 15 packs). There is also a rare, promotional "preview pack", which features up-close version of the signature design cards.

This special set was released at the Musical itself. The preview pack, as it was called, was released in very limited quantities at each show. Each pack featured the same 13 cards, all of which were close-up versions of the signature cards featured in the Carddass Masters pack. Also featured on this page are two seperate promotional cards that were given to authorized sellers of this set, and were never for sale.

As this set is not numbered, I have arranged the cards as they were packaged in the pack.

NFS Card #1
NFS Card #2
NFS back #1
NFS back #2

Ad card

Back of #1

Preview Pack
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