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Cusco Hotels SERVICES

Our open spaces, with plants all around, will give you the opportunity to read a good book as you rest, or chat with your friends and share the nicest moments.


Our dinning room offers a variety of international options, and we are sure our chefs are prepared to satisfy your exigent taste.

Cusco Hotels ROOMS

Our rooms are equipped with comfortable beds, private bathroom, hot water, cable TV, and heating. They have large windows and a decoration that makes them warm and charming.

Our exclusive buffet breakfast include with fresh juice, season fruit, yogurt, granola, milk, coffee, bread of different kinds, and all you need to start your day.

Cusco Hotels LOCATION

Our hotel is located in what is called the historical area of the city, only two blocks away from the Qoricancha Temple of the Sun. All important services are within a walking distance from this privileged location.

Cusco Hotels RATES are expressed in U.S. dollars and include all applicable taxes for Non-resident       foreign tourists in Peru. rates include breakfast buffet. more than 7 nights attach special prices. prices for groups. transfer from the airport or terminal terrestrial to the Hotel. accept credit cards.

Cusco Hotels Tours

Prisma Hotel Cusco, has built for our guests a tour program which covers all the expectations with a First Class service and very competitive prices.

Prisma Cusco Hotels also offers you Eco adventure programs, river rafting, ride horses, jumping and trekking to the Inka Trail, Choquequirao, Salkantay, and Koyllorty.

Prices vary according to logistics: Taxi, Van, Bus, Vistadome or Backpacker train service, restaurant, and language.

Once we have the pleasure of having you at our lodgment, we are sure we also provide you with the most convenient tour program for you.


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