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"When all else fails, bury your head in the sand. It may not help really - but who cares...?"


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Just in case you hadn't already guessed... I'm Coral. And I have noooo idea what to put on this site at the moment, so...

Basic run down on me:

I like J/C.
And I like
C/W, P/T, K/N, P/1, R/T, D/T, J/W, E/B, & K/O

I am a member of:
JetCJr8, JetCJr9, JetCJr10, JC-D, Fantasy Island, BonCJr2 & JCDreams

I am Listmum for:

I maintain:
The JCUKjnr Homepage
The CareyWildman Community Sites

I write:
Too much

Ha. And, as I am now totally bored, the site will stay like this until another day... :)

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