Welcome to my Coaster Site! My homepark is Six Flags Great Adventure and I have been going since 1979. I am 30 years old and, married with two little Boys Austin and, Dane. I am a Roller Coaster nut and I love every Minute of it. My Husband likes them to but, not as much as me! On my site you will find pictures from various parks we have visited and, Some links to some of the Great Coasters sites on the web so, Secure all loose articles, pull down on your lapbars and, enjoy the ride!
This is my Very first wooden Roller Coaster, Rolling Thunder at Six Flags great Adventure.
This was my Very First Looping Steel Roller Coaster called, Lightening Loops which stood at Six Flags Great Adventure but , was removed in 1992. Batman The Ride Now stands in it's old space.
This is my very Favorite Roller Coaster Medusa . Medusa is at Six Flags great Adventure. Many Thanks to Jersey Joe For this great photo!
This is me! If you ever spot me at Great Adventure, don't be afraid to say hello  :)
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