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Hi, and welcome to my page. Thank you for visiting and make sure you come back again soon.I would appreciate it if you would take the time to sign my quest book, leave your URL and I will be sure to check out your page.

I decided to make this site, for a couple of reasons, number one being that I wanted to give information about mental illnesses to those people that are not educated about this subject. A lot of people often look at people with mental illnesses as being crazy, or stupid. That could not be further from the truth. The many misconceptions of mental illnesses are most often made because people don't take the time to educate themselves about mental disorders. And because of that, people like me who suffer from a mental disorder have to go through life being discriminated against.

I hope people will take the time to read more about mental disorders so a lot of pain can be stopped before it starts. Please take the time to try and understand without judging me or anyone else. If you have questions, I would be more than happy to answer them. You can e-mail me at

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:: site updates ::

2/13/2006 - It's been ages since I've updated the site...I'm sorry to everyone who's been here. I really did mean to update more often. I actually started another site with my own domain name, but with time constrants it was impossible for me to keep it updated by myself, and I couldn't find anyone reliable enough to help me out. A lot has changed in the last few years...I was married in 2004, we had our first son on April 15, 2005, and we moved about 4 hours away from our families. (got to go where the money takes ya!) Anyhow...I'm hoping to start updating the site soon again. So much has changed and there is a lot of new information that can be helpful. Take Care for now everyone...I promise I'll get things cleaned up around here soon, starting with all the junk in the questbook!!!

1/11/2003 - This site will be going down soon! I am moving to my own domain in order to bring you a bigger and better site about mental illnesses. The site should be up and running in about a month. New URL will be

6/11/2002 - I've began an article section for the site...enjoy!

5/22/2002 - Please come back soon to see new additions to the site. © 2002 - All rights reserved.  
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