November 01

The Return of the Bull?

Featured Picks: BCE Inc., Rogers Comm., Nortel, Siebel Systems, PeopleSoft, Intuit

February 01

Bermuda Triangle the Culprit for a Bad Market

Featured Picks:
: Art Technology Group, EMC Corp.

December 00

Has The Tide Turned Against the Bull Market?

Featured Picks:
: Rational Software, Macromedia Inc., Open Text, Avaya Inc., C-Mac Inustries, Celestica. 360 Networks
Fixed Income: TransCanada Pipelines
Retail: Hudson's Bay, Wal-mart

October 00

How to Play in a Chronically Falling Market

Featured Picks:
: Nokia, Motorola
Chips: Technology: Rational Software, Macromedia Inc., Open Text, Avaya Inc., C-Mac Inustries, Celestica. 360 Networks
Fixed Income: Intel, Texas Instrument


Recently Posted Market Alerts:

October 11th 2004
2004 has certainly proven itself to be very unpredictable: US elections, terrorism, war in Iraq, and inflation, or no inflation? That is the question! While crude hit an all-time hight at $53.67, the real clues for inflation are found in starbucks coffee: the raw material in coffee (including coffee beans itself) are rising. Sugar, paper/wood (for the cups and new stores), are all rising. <..more>
May 13th 2002
Recovery may not be what we expect... Areas discussed: Information Technology, Pharmaceutical, Resources, and Telecom.<..more>
November 19th 2001
The key ingredients for a sustainable stock market recovery are here now. First, interest rates are at the lowest levels in several decades. Second, the US government are working on earmarking billions of dollars as a fiscal stimulus to the economy. Third, tax cuts made in the summer have yet to filter into the economy. Fourth, bonds (2 year term) collapsed on November 16 and on the same day, fifth, oil prices are now $18/barrel. <..more>
July 7th 2001


S&P head and shoulders pattern broken @ 1211. Therefore, the market will need to find a new "bottom" and re-establish a base. Note that a break-down in the S&P may provide negative momentum for the Nasdaq index.

February 9th 2001

The Fed, as expected, lowered interest rates an additional 1/2%. With nearly all companies reporting earnings, there is little catalyst for the market to move substantially higher. Short-term investors need worry about a continued downturn for the first half of the year. Long-term investors need select stocks that are discounted relative to long-term earnings potential. Look at semi-conductor stocks for clues of a rebound in the technology sector!

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November 27th 2000
Nasdaq is Under the critical 3,000 level. Should it fail to recover to this level, watch out for a massive sell-off for technology stocks. A level higher than 3,000 suggests support in this range, at least in the short term
April 22nd 2000
Finally! Here's Our Revised Site. The first major change since May 1998!

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