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Cathi Wimmer Cogle
934 Newell Circle
Seymour, TN, 37865

I am a doula and trained midwife assistant/apprentice and have been helping childbearing families since 1984.

You deserve a better birth, hire a doula!

We are recently relocated to East Tennessee and have interests in Homebirth,Midwifery, Unassisted Birth,Breastfeeding, Attachment Parenting, Gardening, Homeschooling,Meat Goats,Harness Goats and other aspects of Homesteading.

I have started East Tennessee Birth Services.We are now accepting new doula clients in the Knoxville/East TN area. If you would like info on my birth services, just Email me! or Call (865) 577-0490

Contact info for Homebirth Midwives in East Tennessee:

Angie Neis,CPM-TN, Johnson City, TN
(423)434-2102,Email Angie

Yalad Maternity Services, Debi Church, CPM-TN, Athens,TN
(423)745-5163 or (423)507-3675
Email Debi

Miracles From Heaven Homebirth Service
Lisa Coomer,CPM-TN,Maynardville,TN,
Miracles From Heaven
Email Lisa

Claudia Conn,CPM-TN, Chattanooga TN
BirthingRight Midwifery
Email Claudia

Carolyn Drake CPM-TN,Chattanooga, TN
(423)765.4405 or (770)656.3999
Birth Wellness and Women's Center
Email Carolyn

Kathleen Davies,CPM-TN, Marshall NC,(828)689-4019
Email Kathleen

Debbie Schneider, CPM-TN
Chattanooga, TN
770-973-7869, 770-241-7818
BirthingRight Midwifery
Email Debbie

some Virginia Homebirth Midwives:

Commonwealth Midwives Alliance to find a VA midwife,
Virginia Homebirth,Hampton
Natural Beginnings Birth Services,Arlington
Seven Cities Midwifery,Norfolk,

TLC Birth Services,Delaware/Maryland/Northern Virginia area.

There are midwives now in
Gainesville/Front Royal,
Southwest Virginia,

and other parts, so email me if you are still looking...

Certified Professional Midwives are now LEGAL in VA, and there are several groups working to get the regulations clarified in VA for Certified Professional Midwives and some work on the CNM Commonwealth Midwives Alliance , and Citizens for Midwifery,for more and current Information. Even in Southside, there is someone who can help! :)

Join Homebirth Meetup, it's free!! I would like to find out how many others in East Tennessee are homebirthers! Yes, it is legal, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! PS. It is also as safe or safer than most hospital births, see Hospital Economicslink.

Here is the link for Homebirth Meetup: link.

UC groups nationwide:

Alabama UC Alaska UC Alabama UC Arizona UC Arkansas UC
California UC Connecticut UC Deleware UC Florida UC Georgia UC
Hawaii UC Idaho UC Illinois UC Indiana UC Iowa UC
Kansas UC Kentucky UC Louisiana UC Maine UC Mayland UC
Massachusetts UC Michigan UC Minnesota UC Mississippi UC Missouri UC
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New Mexico UC New York UC North Carolina UC North Dakota UC Ohio UC
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Military UC Canadian UC Austrlia UC UC Dads Extensive UC Groups List

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Cathi Wimmer Cogle.

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I Support UCbirthjunkielogo

Would you like to visit the Unassisted Childbirth Forum? It is a great place to meet other mothers of many, and many of the babies have been born into thier daddies' hands, with no outside help needed. It is a wonderful place of information on homebirth, unassisted birth, large families, one income living, homesteading and homeschooling. I have found it to be a wonderful resource for educating myself, and others to the normality of homebirth.The whole website is here.

PubMed LogoI use PubMed in my research, do you?

I support breastfeeding, baby-led weaning, and tandem nursing, and breastfeeding anywhere a baby needs to be fed! Not in Bathrooms, or Hidden Places! Breasts are made for babies, so men have to learn to share! On the other hand, you see more breast on TV than you do when a baby is eating..... See the Compleat Mother Website

Want to get a midwifery education Long-distance? Check out

Ancient Art Midwifery Institute Logo,

the first Distance Education school for midwifery in the USA!

 Doula NetworkFind a Doula with Doula Network!

Do you belong to ? Don't throw it away! Freecycle it! This is a very friendly group, and we help each other, the environment (no, I am not a tree-hugger :) ) and the landfill workers!

Don't take it laying down!
Educate yourself, and have a safer birth, at home!

Here is a picture of me with my goat,Brownie.

Brownie workingI have had lots of people email me to find out how I trained him. The directions are here. There are also links on that page(and in the table above) to figure out how to harness a goat and what kind of vehicle to get. I have found a source locally, in Seymour, TN. My wagon in the picture comes from Hoegger Goat Supply. They are really great people to work with. The wagon was actually made here in Virginia, by a Harrisonburg man....

Front of Varina House 2000

Here are some pictures of my landscaping work.This is a picture of our house in Summer 2000, just after we had 14 large trees cut down. The yard had very little done to it since 1946, because my mother-in-law liked the "natural" look. In September 2003, Hurricane Isabel came along and took out two more trees, leaving me with a nice garden space in the uphill side yard. (When I say large, I mean minimum 125-150 ft height- we lived in one of the oldest original "subdivisions" in Petersburg. The house was built by my father in law in 1942-46. What looks like dirt under the tree is cedar mulch. This was taken during one of the worst droughts this area had seen in 150 years. Yes, we irrigate,rarely (never used it during summer 2004). Soaker hoses, discretely placed and a sprinkler system underground with Organic methods of pest control are used. We did all the work ourselves, except cutting the trees. All design, installation and mainenance is ours. My husband did the trenching for the irrigation system, I did the design, and we both installed it. He did the electrical connections, and I built the walls.

This house sold 3 weeks after we put it on the market, for a nice price...See also the site 1667 Varina Ave, a landscaping adventure.

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My Favorite Martian!

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