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The Sousa's ALBERG 30


Last Updated: June 23, 2002

The Alberg design is one of the most popular designs among cruising sailors. Her full-keel and long overhangs bring years of history to nearly any harbor where an A30 owner "drops the hook." Designed by Carl Alberg in the early 1960's, the Alberg was built by Whitby Boatworks between 1962 and the early 1980's. Designed with his earlier Pearson Triton, a seakindly 28 footer in mind, Carl Alberg made the plans for what has become one of the most famous designs on the world's oceans. He designed the Alberg 30 as a one-design racer, a world cruiser, and an easily sailed family boat.

The bulk of the Alberg 30 fleet is located in the Chesapeake Bay and surrounding waters, although there are members scattered throughout North America. Carina Vela, hull number 114, is one of three Albergs in the Cape Ann area of Massachusetts (#136 and #289 are moored in Smith's Cove, Gloucester, where Carina Vela has spent her winters).This year, we will be taking Carina Vela home for the winter. We have purchased a Triad Trailer from a fellow Alberger to tow her to her new winter home. This coming spring we plan to re-paint the hull as well as topsides.

Carina Vela sitting on her trailer at home among the pine trees in Townsend, MA

Carina Vela snugly tucked in for one of the past winters in Smith's Cove, Gloucester, MA. We now use canvas to cover her instead of tarps. The howling Northeast winds in New England just seem to rip them apart. Projects accomplished on Carina Vela have included:

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