Mystic Services

I'm an eclectic, pantheistic techno pagan.
I'm a practicing minister and reader.
I read from various divination means.
Eclectic means accepting and at least trying to
understand, respect and cooperate with anyone's
belief system. I am not a witch or soothsayer as
defined by any major religious work. I accept and
work within your belief system. I am here to help
you and yours, as you will see by investigating my
site. I want to work with what you believe, use your
ceremonies and facilitate your rituals. I'm ordained
and licensed to perform these ceremonies for you.
I have special experience with persons from former Christian
converts or heretics. I can help you to become clear
for yourself and those you have around you. I also have
experience with Wicca, solitary practitioners,
and any who are seeking themselves and their centers

The Path you choose today, will map your tomorrow

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