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Compiled and Edited by William H. Myers



This Genealogy is the result of five years of research and study of the Myers family history.  While this has not been a full time occupation, it does represent several thousand hours of time spent in one area or another.  Some of the time was spent just learning how to do Genealogy.  If this can be of interest to anyone connected with our family, I consider the time well spent.  If you will notify me of any additions or corrections, I anticipate a second edition in four or five years.  If there is a lot of response, that could be sooner.  WHM




I.  Phillip Myers
1765 - 1842


Phillip Myers is thought to be the first generation Myers from our family to live in America.  It has been said that he had one brother and that they came over from Ireland together to Pennsylvania.  He moved to Kentucky before 1795, and probably before 1786, when Henry was born.  This was around the same time that some other German immigrants moved to Logan County from Bedford, Pa., (York County).  They lived in the Paradise area which later became Muhlenberg Co.  According to Col. Ed Manley, a historian of early Logan County, some of the families that came to Logan County together were the Voghts, now Vaughts, Hunsakers, Stum, Rhoades, and Phillip Myers, as well as some others.  Phillip's son, Henry Myers, married a Rhoades (Mary).  We have information on the Rhoades family from Bedford, Pa.  It seems that Daniel Rhoades was a minuteman in the militia before 1776, and later was in the army under General Muhlenberg.  One descendant of the Rhoades (Absolon), married a first cousin to Daniel Boone, but the Rhoades family will not be gone into here.  Although the abovenamed early settlers of Logan County were evidently fairly prominent people, it might be mentioned that Logan County seemed to be sort of a collection point for a number of criminals, fugitives from justice, and other "ne'er-do-wells", during the early nineteenth century.  As a matter of fact, the immediate ancestors of the Jesse James Gang settled in Logan County first, when they moved in from Virginia.  It may only be fair to point out that Jesse and Frank's father was a preacher, and the James' family was all highly respected.

Phillip was on the Logan Co. tax records in 1794, 1795, 1800 and 1804. There is no information on Phillip available in Bedford, Pa. as of this writing, but it is possible that he came from there.  If anyone is interested in paying for a researcher to look further into this possibility, write to Vaughn Whisker, 332 S. Bedford St., Bedford, Pa. Another Phillip Myers, born around 1780 to 1785 and died around 1858, moved to Kentucky in 1801, and he also was from Pennsylvania.  His first wife was Elizabeth, the second not known, but they had Joseph, Levi, Michael, George, Isaac, Mary Ann, Matilda and Catherine.  It is possible that they were related to the Jacob Myers family.  Jacob owned a large part of the State of Kentucky in the early 1800's.  Unfortunately, we aren't related, however, Phillip and his next two generations did do fairly well for themselves.  He had at least 17 slaves and their descendants (many of them) are still living in Logan Co., in a community called "Bibbsville" Or "Bibbstown".  Logan County records show that Phillip acquired a tract of land from a man named "Bibb".  In his Will, Phillip gave his slaves their freedom and $500.00.  These Blacks still carry the Myers name and live there.  Phillip also willed to his grandson, Soloman B., and to James G., four hundred acres of land in Muhlenberg Co. and he also willed to Soloman, James G. and David H. four hundred acres in Logan Co.


Phillip had two children:

Susanna              b. 10-3-1784        d.  8-22-1844

Henry                    b.  8-20-1786       d. 10-14-1846


Phillip Myers Will
Sept. 13, 1858

I, Phillip Myers of Logan Co., Ky., being of sound mind and memory, have thought proper to make the following as my last will and testament.

It is my will and desire that my slaves shall all be free at my death, to wit:  Lydia, George, Ben, Aaron (or Hann), Mark, Henry, Jessie, Henna, Melinda, Nell, Matilda, Dolly, Louisia, Mindy, David, Bill, and Dick, together with their future increase.  The track of land on which I reside containing about four hundred acres, I will and bequeath to my two grandsons, Soloman and James Myers, sons of Henry Myers.  Soloman's part to be laid off on the West side of the River and James's part on the East side.  I also will and bequeath to the said Soloman and James Myers and their brother David Myers the tracts of land containing about four hundred acres lying in Logan County in the neighborhood of Bibbs Chapel to be equally divided between them.  I will and bequeath to my Grandaughters Elizabeth Baker and Susan Myers, daughters of my son Henry, $500.00 each.  I will and bequeath my daughter, Susan Larmon, $100.00 in addition to what I have heretofore advanced to her to be raised out of the sale of such of my personal estate as may be sold. I will and bequeath to my slaves above emancipated, $500.00 to give them a start after my death.  I will and desire that all the balance of my estate, both real, personal and mixed be sold and that the proceeds be equally divided between my son Henry Myers and three sons before named and if after the foregoing bequests, there shall be any other monies to become due to my estate or any other money hands, I will and bequeath same to my said son Henry and three sons to be equally divided as aforesaid.  I hereby appoint my son Henry Myers and My friend Mermaduke P. Morton as executors of this my last will and testament.


13th day of Sept 1838


Phillip Myers

(His mark)


II.  Susanna Myers Larmon
10-3-1784 - 8-22-1844

Susanna married Edward Larmon 2-16-1803.  Descendants of theirs are still living in the Logan Co. area.  There as been no attempt in this Genealogy to trace this line,  However, this probably will be done in the future.  It may be of interest to note the names of their children.

They are:

Gyney B.              b.   6-10-1804

James b.   1-18-1806      (Her brother named one son James.)

Isaac     b.   2-28-1808

Henry    b. 10-20-1809      (Brother Henry)

Phillip    b.   7-25-1811      (Her father’s name)

Levinia b. 11-12-1813

Elizabeth              b. 11-11-1815      (Her brother named a daughter Elizabeth.)

Rebecca             b. 11-30-1817

Barhannan          b.   2-12-1820

Edward                 b.   2-12-1822      (Her husband's name)

Susanna              b.   6-10-1824      (Named for mom)

Soloman              b.   11-4-1826      (Brother Henry also named one son Soloman.


Can we assume that Henry and Susanna may have been naming all of their children (or most of them) after ancestors named James, Henry, Elizabeth, Phillip, Edward and Soloman?  It is an interesting thought, I suppose - if you are interested in Genealogy.

For anyone who might undertake the task of looking into the Larmon line - the following names have been taken from the Larmon Bible and family records:



William Wallace Larmon


Elenor Larmon


Edward Loving Larmon


Fannie Belle Larmon


Henry Loving Larmon


Jessie Larmon


Willis Starling Larmon

10- 8-1871

Burnice Larmon


Young Royal Larmon


II.  Henry Myers
8-20-1786 - 10-14-1846

Henry Myers, son of Phillip, was the first Myers born in Kentucky and the second generation Myers in Kentucky.  He was born in Logan County near Russellville, and moved to Muhlenberg County in 1840.  He held the office of Justice for several years, and had also been a surveyor for many years.  There are indications that there were two Henry Myers in the area of Logan County during this time, one of whom is credited with having converted the "overshot" wheel to the "under-shot" wheel at the Grist mill on Clifty called "Cooksey's Mill".  Exactly which Henry Myers did this is not known.  Henry’s wife was Mary M. Rhoades, b. 4-23-1800 and d. 1-4-1862.  She is buried at Myers Chapel cemetery in Muhlenberg County near her husband, Henry.  There is a wrought iron fence around her grave.  Since she died some time after Henry, she evidently ended up with the bulk of the money from the estate, because there are numerous land transactions recorded in the name of Mary M. Myers.  Mary is a descendant of Heinrich Rhoades, which was a family of some renown.  Heinrich came over from Germany in 1757 with two brothers.  He had three sons, Daniel, Henry and David.  Daniel had served in the Militia and Continental Army.  Henry Rhoades was called the "Godfather of Muhlenberg Co.".  Mary M. Came from this family.  David Rhoades was her father.  Mary first married Jacob S. Baker at the age of 15, and Jacob died two years later.  Peter Baker was born 1818.  Mary subsequently married Henry Myers and they had eight children:


Elizabeth Ann     b. 1820                                  married Israel J. Baker

Soloman B.         b. 1821  d. 2-23-1871        (father of our Wm Henry Myers)

James G.             b. 1824  d. 7-8-1886           married Elizabeth Jane Willis

Mary Susan        b. 1828                                  married Edward Kingsley in 1818.

Nancy C.              b. 1835                                  married William Newman in 1853

Sara C. b. 1841                                                  married Pineney Poole in 1858

Eliza Amanda                                                    married a Hughpeth

David Henry       b.1838   d. 1919                  married Martha Jane Martin


Elizabeth Ann married Israel J. Baker 10-2-1837 who was a brother to her mother's first husband.  Israel was born 1817 and died of measles 10-26-1858 near Simmon's Chapel.  He lived near Paradise, and they had a daughter Minerva who married Duff Greene Simmons.  Israel was one of fourteen children born to Jacob Baker who was a grandson to Peter Stoddenbacher an immigrant who landed in Philadelphia in 1736.

Soloman B. is the father of William Henry Myers and grandfather to Herbert Myers.  This line will be pursued in depth.

James. G. married Elizabeth Jane Willis 2-27-51.  She was born 1828. He later married Sara Dill 12-28-72.  There is a complete biographical sketch on him in Battle's History of Kentucky.

Mary Susan, born 1828, married Edward Kingsley who was b. 1818 in Mississippi.  He lived in Rochester, Ky.  Their children were Napolean B. Kingsley, b. 1845 and Della, b. 1847.  Della married Joseph D. Yonst and their son was Morton K. Yonst.

Nancy C. Myers  Born sometime around 1835. She married William G. Newman, 11-2-1853 - he was born around 1828.

Sara Myers  There is no information on her at this time. b. @ 1841

Eliza Amanda  Little or no information here   -   she married a Hughpeth.

David Henry   Married Martha Jane (Mattie) Martin,  He is the eighth of nine children born to Henry and Mary M. (Rhoads) Myers. He is also in Battle's History of Kentucky.

There is record of a Sara and a Sara C.,  It is not known if they are the same person of not.  One may have died and they may have liked the name, then named another girl  "Sara C."

Henry Myers Will
Oct. 13, 1846


In the Name of God Amen.

I, Henry Myers of the County of Muhlenberg and the State of Kentucky, being sick and weak in body but of sound mind, and disposing memory (for which I thank God) and calling to mind the uncertainty of human life, and being desirous to dispose of all such worldly estate as I have, which God has blessed me with - I give and bequeath the same in manner following, that is to say - First I desire that all the perishable part of my estate be immediately sold after my decease, and out of the money arriving therefrom, I wish all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid.  - Secondly, I give to my beloved wife, Mary M. Myers, one-third part of all my estate both real and personal for and during her natural life, and after her decease, I give the same to my children hereinafter mentioned.  (to wit) Eliza Amanda Hughpeth, Elizabeth Ann Baker, Soloman B. Myers, J. G. Myers, Susan Kingsley, Nancy C. Myers, and Sara C. Myers, five hundred dollars each and that amount to be apportioned to them out of the money left after my debts are paid, after which each one of the children will share equally in what may belong to me - and thirdly, my servant, Martha and her increase, I give to my wife M. M. Myers during her natural life, after which the same to be divided as aforesaid.  - Fourthly, the servants under my control who are free at twenty-one years of age; they to be hired and the money to be applied to the education of my children, that is to say, David H. Myers, N. C. Myers, and S. C. Myers.  Lastly, I do hereby constitute George Richardson and James G. Myers as executors of this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all others of former wills by me made.


Henry Myers


Witness                Oct. 13, 1846
Samuel Turner
Elvira C. Myers (Soloman's wife, ed.)
Benj Linton

Mary M. Myers Will
Muhlenberg Co., Kentucky
Feb. 15, l859


I, Mary M. Myers, being of sound mind and disposing memory, do make this my last will and testament.

First I will and bequeath to David H. Myers my house and lot in which I live on the main street in the town of Greenville, also one bed and bed furniture - I will and bequeath to Nancy C. Newman and Sara C. Pool the two hundred acres of land on Clifty and my household and kitchen furniture (after the bed and furniture above described) to be equally divided between them.  I have on hand some cash notes, which I will hereafter dispose of and they are to be held by those who I desire them to before my death or those persons whom I assign them to.  I constitute and appoint David H. Myers and P. H. Baker as executors of this my last will.  In witness whereof I hereunto assigned my name.


M. M. Myers


Jesse H. Heno
Thomas P. Bogges


(The above was probated in  March l862)



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