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Hi!  My name is Merlin.  I was born sometime in July 2000.  They think it was somewhere between July 22 and July 29, but nobody knows for sure because I was dumped at an animal shelter in the middle of the night when I was only about 6 weeks old.   Mommy renamed me Merlin because she says he was abandoned when he was a baby, grew up wild, and was very clever, just like me.  Also, she sometimes thinks that I am half demon like he was, but she had my DNA tested and now knows that isn't true.  I am a purebred La Gerboauscat Hound.  That is, I come from a long line of mutts for at least 3 generations back.  The test showed that I have Labrador retriever, German shepherd dog, boxer, Australian cattle dog, and basset hound in me.
I am happiest if I have something in my mouth at all times.  That is the retriever in me.  This is Pyramid.  It is the one stuffed squeeky toy I have not ripped appart.  When it is bedtime, or if I just need cuddling, I bring Pyramid to Mommy.  I sleep with my head on Pyramid every night.
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June 23, 2009

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I am a L.E.A.R.N dog. They are a nice rescue organization.
The yellow birdie is Captain Nemo. He died on January 22, 2002.  He was about  13 1/2 years old.  The blue birdie was his mate, Siva.  I never met her. On my second day at home I jumped up on Nemo's cage and made him fall off the perch.  Mommy got mad.
This is Fred Astaire. Fred was born around 1991.  He died January 21, 2005. His cage was at my eye level.  I liked to sit next to it and stare at him.  He didn't seem to worry about me much, but he didn't like it when I'd run past his cage.  I only tipped it over twice!
I am my human's fourth dog.  These are my predecessors:
Miniature Poodle
1964 - 1978
My mommy was 2 and Koko was 3 when he joined the family.  Koko taught my mommy to speak dog.  One of my mommy's early memories is that of having a bad dream and going into her parents' bedroom so that she could sleep in the dog bed with Koko.
Black Lab/Golden Retriever Mix
1978 - 1988
Barney was born on the same day that Koko died.  Barney was smarter than the majority of humans out there.  Barney taught my mommy that for every trick you teach your dog, your dog teaches you two. 
I used to have these birdies at my house
Chocolate Lab
Feb. 19, 1989 - July 22, 2000

Bentley was supposed to be Grandma's dog, but he chose to live with my mommy instead.  He had his own webpage which  chronicled his battle with mouth cancer.  If you would like to
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I like to be told that I am a good dog, but it is much more fun to be a bad dog.   Check out the stories I have submitted to the Bad Dog Chronicles.
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I stand 28 1/2 inches at the shoulder (35 inches at the top of my head).  I can eat things off the kitchen table without any trouble, and the countertop isn't much of a challenge either.  I don't even have to take my front paws off the ground to reach things.
This is my favorite sunning spot.  I can see the front yard, the back yard and the back door from here.  I made it myself by trimming the climbing rose, digging a nice elbow spot in front of the rose and putting the dirt on top of the concrete to soften it.  Mommy was very surprised by my landscaping skills.
I love drinking out of the birdbath.  Mommy says that if she redecorates the kitchen maybe she will get rid of my dog bowls and put in a couple of birdbaths instead.
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I have a birdie named Krishna.  He is MY birdie.  Mommy bought him just for me because I missed my old birdie, Fred, so much after he died.  Krishna is a blue parakeet just like Fred, only grumpy.  He doesn't like Mommy at all and flutters around if she walks by his cage, but he does like me and he'll come to the bars to say hi sometimes.  Some day Mommy will get a picture of him and we can post it.
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