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Might I suggest always check out the "updates" ~_^ never know what might be there...

Have no fear ladies and gents, DMYIP has not been abandoned!
Amazingly enough, our webmistress here is just lazy.
Your too kind.
I know.
ANYWAY! DMYIP is now being transfered over to my domain and will be hosted on along with all my other sites as well. As such I probably wont be doing any major updates to DMYIP till after Christmas when the site has been completely transfered.
Also please send any fanfiction submissions comments questions or any other submissions to All Lady Dragon's other email accounts were spammified and eventually lost.
Spammified? Is that even a word?
It is now.

The Disclaimer:
Now please enjoy your stay at DMYIP and should you take offense to anything contained within this site the cowardly webmistress takes no responsibility for it, in fact she goes so far as to warn you that this site is Yaoi and shounen ai friendly. It is not dedicated to shounen ai or yaoi because the inane webmistress is a bit of a MeMato, and Mimato fan as well as a Taito/Yamachi fan.

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I'm married again!!

We again! We WON!!
Squee!! Three years running, yeah baby!!
Big thanks to all the DMYIP fans, you helped make this possible!

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