Welcome, fellow mutant!

You have just entered the X-men's Academy for Mutants. No, not the real thing like on TV, but a place where all the X-men fans like to roleplay. There is not much here right now but what you will eventually see here will be tons of people who liked the X-men movie and want to continue the story with other fans just like them.

To go to the Rec Hall (the main message board - or "forum" if you prefer), click here.

to go to a list of all of our message boards, click here.

We also have a chat room here. our chat times are at 5 and 10 pm central time (us).
This chat room will be our main chat room until we find something better. We have thought about making an IRC channel on some server, but not many people have IRC. If you have any suggestions for a good chat service, please tell us.

To join, click here.

The second floor page now exists. It isn't done, but it exists. Click here.

We have a list of Villains down in the basement

Here is a list of rules, we are sorry if you dont like them, but they WILL be enforced!!

A map of the Academy grounds:

We are still in the early stages of constructing the web site. Things like testing fonts, backgrounds, and other things that don't suck. So if you don't like something, do not worry because it will probably change :D

Anyway if there any questions/comments/complaints/hate mail, please drop an e-mail at either bandit_1985@hotmail.com or goraxthegreat@hotmail.com . . . Yes, we are Hotmail people. Please forgive us.

'Till next time!

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