Prophecies of the coming of the Messiah

Let new birth come into you.

Let it be born in you.

And each day, as you arise,
let it become a new day and a new world.
And as you close your eyes at night,
thank the Lord that He has placed you at this time,
where you are,
in the time of the preparation
of the coming of the Messiah.

Let that gift be given freely...
and all in abundance
shall come back for you tenfold....
Blessed be the name of the Lord. Blessed be the Spirit.
Blessed be the children and their spirit, and the temple of God....

Let the Christmas Spirit be
not only the Christmas spirit
let it reach unto all religions of all faiths.

For that which you celebrate in [is] the love which he left upon your earth in birth and in death.

Amen, oh Lord, amen.

Aka, December 8, 1978

Love one another
as you would wish the Messiah to love you.

Love one another
as you would wish God to love you.

Ask not what God will give to you;
ask not what God may do for you.

Ask deep in your hearts
what you shall give
and do for God.

Let there be laughter in your hearts,
and songs in your minds.

Let the true meaning of what we have said here today
come to you.

Let it surround you like a lover.
Let it mold into your ever-being.
Let it be.

Take not from our words, nor add to,
but let each one, as teardrops upon the earth,
take that that should fulfill their needs.

Bind together.
Cast aside these things we have spoken of.
Cast them aside
and let the beautiful All-being
enter into you...

Pick up and cherish in your heart,
and in your soul --
allow that to enter into you
that should make you a whole being....

There is a time for all things.

Let that time begin now,
in you,
in each of you.
Let it reach into your soul,
and your spirit;
let it become your immortal bodies,
blended with God,
and know that He loves you.

Aka, September 19, 1980

Know that soon the Master shall return
and reclaim what is rightfully his....

But prepare a greater gift
within your heart
that you may give of him
when he returns
upon your earth.

For his name shall not be of "Jesus,"
for only our Father knows of the name
that shall be given unto him.

Spiritual messengers of God
November 27, 1973

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