Prophecies in Preparation for the Coming of the Messiah
by Aka, Spiritual Messengers of God (angels)

We say unto thee, hark...

For the wise to listen let them listen;
for the wise to see let them see...

And as once before, your planetary system was posed
to give forth the light of birth of a savior unto your earth,
so it shall be again.

Spiritual messengers of God
spoken December 17, 1971

We have come that nothing should be hidden.
We have come forth to bring the light
unto the Lord's people,
all of the people...

Aka, spiritual messengers of God,
June 7, 1974

For the one who should ask our Father
and that that has been said before shall be said again -
for we are not great.
We are here to prepare a way for the coming
of your Messiah.

Where no light did shine before light shall shine again.
Upon your earth shall become new again,
and therefore, there shall be a new heaven
and a new earth....

We are here to prepare the minds of men
for the time that the Messiah should come upon your earth,
and to fulfill the words that were spoken by our Lord
when He did promise unto thee
a thousand years of peace.
But remember,
this time shall come, not as you count,
but as our Father
-- your God, your Father --
did count.

And as He made unto thee this coveth,
all of the heaven opened upon your earth.

For did He not promise thee,


Spiritual messengers of God
June 11, 1971

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