Every crystal and gemstone has its own particular energy field, "piezoelectricity" or vibrations.  Each stone is unique.  When looking for crystals or gemstones, you should try to find those that appeal or "speak" to you.  Many people are drawn to certain stones by their intuition.  You might be drawn to a specific colour, or shape, or as with many people, you might experience the vibration of energy from the stone when holding it in your hand - this can often feel like a beating, almost like a heartbeat, or sometimes it is felt as a tingling sensation.  The main thing is to trust your instincts, the stone will make itself known to you.


Of course, if you are new to crystal awareness, it can be very difficult to let go of the logical, left side of your brain!  All this talk of crystal vibrations and sensations might sound totally bizarre, but, if you keep an open mind and try it for yourself, you might find that you surprise yourself.



There are many shops nowadays that sell crystals and gemstones, especially the "New Age" shops.  These shops sell beautiful crystals, however, they can be rather expensive.  It's best to shop around, try looking on the web, there are lots of sites selling all sorts of gemstones and minerals.  Try looking for mineral suppliers, they too sell some wonderful specimens, they may not be nicely cut and polished, but, they can provide gems and minerals in their natural state.  Keep your eyes open, you can find stones in the strangest of places - next time you are out in the countryside, or down at the beach, have a look yourself and see what you can find.  On a recent holiday to Lanzarote, Spain, I found some really nice crystals within the volcanic rock, as the coast is abundant with Olivina (Peridot).



Before you start to use your stones for healing purposes, they need to be cleansed of any negative energies they might have obtained from their previous environment.  Also, the stones you choose to work with for healing should only be used for healing.



Here are some of the most popular ways in which stones can be cleansed:

    WATER - Most crystals can be cleansed in water, but some delicate specimens, clusters or minerals are best not put in water.  Most of the tumbled stones can be cleansed in water.  Hold your crystal under clear, running water, ideally a stream.  Visualise any negative energy being washed away by the cleansing water.  Focus on purity and golden light.

    BREATH CLEANSING - Another way to cleanse your stones is to blow air onto them.  It is best done whilst meditating - sit quietly and focus on the gemstone and visualise yourself breathing pure white light on the stone.

    SALT - Delicate specimens can be cleansed in rock or sea-salt.  Some people bury their crystals in the salt, others simply sprinkle a circle of salt around their stones and leave them for 3 days.

    PLANETARY - some people choose to cleanse their gemstones in Moonlight, and energise them in sunlight, leaving them exposed to moon-rays and sunshine for a few days.



For stones and crystals that are being used specifically for healing purposes, they should be cleansed after every single healing session.  Other stones should be cleansed at least once a week.



After your stones have been cleansed by any of the above methods, it is necessary to fill the stones with positive energy - this is called "charging".  Imagine your gemstones as being like a battery, they need energy to work properly and to give off energy effectively.  Programming simply means giving the stone a specific purpose, i.e., to be used for the purpose of healing.


To charge a crystal or gemstone you can:

    Leave them in moonlight and sunlight for a couple of days/nights.

    Meditate - sit quietly and focus your attention on your crystal.  Feel it's structure, the shape, the surfaces, the texture and temperature of the stone.  Visualise white-golden light surrounding yourself and the stone.  Now, think about the purpose of the stone, i.e., healing.






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