Stones, gems and rocks have played an important role in the evolution of Man throughout time.  History tells us so many fascinating stories and legends about the magical and protective powers of stones, and many believe that the lost ancient civilisations of Atlantis and Lemuria used crystals and gem stones.


It has been found, through excavation, that the Ancient Egyptian civilisation of around 1500 BC also used minerals and gemstones, as did the Sumerians and the Babylonians.  Even on a very practical level, prehistoric man made use of rocks and minerals for basic survival purposes, in the form of weapons and tools.  Stones were also ground down into powders to make a colour base for paintings, and were also worn on the person as decorative or protective jewellery.


It would also appear that stones have had an important role in the development of religions and cultures throughout the World.  Many people and traditions used crystals and gemstones for various purposes, including the Mayans, Aztecs, Indians, Tibetan, Greeks, Australian Aborigines, Oriental cultures, Bulgarians, the Druids and Celts and as mentioned before, the Ancient Egyptians.


Stones were also engraved, carved and polished, often inscribed with characters of different alphabetical scripts, or ancient magickal symbols.  The Norsemen used runic script carved onto stones, each runic symbol had a specific meaning and relevance.  Today, runes are still used as a popular method of divination.  Even the Ogham alphabet of the Celtic peoples can be found on stone, as they also have their own form of divination using symbology.


Finally, not forgetting the many impressive stone circles that are to be found throughout the British Isles - ancient monuments of sacred, powerful and magickal places.


Now today, in our modern age, crystals and gemstones are still being used by Man in so many different ways, and man can now actually grow crystals for use within the fields of science and technology, i.e. lasers technology.  


However, more and more people are now beginning to look back to some of the original uses of the stones by our predecessors, and brining their powers into the areas of health/healing, meditation/enlightenment and general well-being.




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