Down There 7

Down there 7 A distracted Clark Kent had strolled onto the Luthor property without noticing how easy it was. By the time he realized he didn’t have to jump the wall or talk to a guard, he was seconds away from knocking on the front door. It was eerily quiet. Well, he surmised it was, since the super hearing he had thought he had a hold on was going awry. He felt like he was stuck between radio stations and needless to say it was extremely unpleasant. He couldn’t decipher what he was hearing at all. A voice in his brain kept telling him to get the tablet, then the crystal and go north, but he wasn’t sure where that thought came from. Although ‘the tablet’ made sense to him, he didn’t know what the crystal was, or what ‘North’ meant. He was starting to consider a lobotomy, but figured even that wouldn’t help at this point. His inner dialogue, and that track that replayed itself over and over again were maddening. It almost never stopped now, and that’s why he was standing outside Lex Luthor’s door on a Saturday night: he needed to get that tablet. Yes, he was strong, but he had finals and graduation to think about, and seeing his friends off to college at the end of the summer, not to mention farm work and deliveries all over the state. He did not have time to turn into a raving lunatic. He found the door to the mansion unlocked, and took a few steps back, confused. He realized the house was free of its usual staff for the first time since Lex moved in. He went out onto the driveway again, using his ex-ray vision to determine if anyone was in the house. At first he wasn’t quite sure what it was, or how it all worked. He cocked his head to one side, then the other, and focused harder. Yes. It was Lex, he determined, and he was… he was… he was… < Dear Lord >. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Lex slid down to the floor effortlessly, kneeling on a cushion in front of her. She had blushed, and shyly moved away from him.

That wouldn’t do, no Ma'am.

And so he had kissed, and touched and fondled and cajoled her into parting her legs for him. He enjoyed the sight of her dark blonde curls, and of the juices glistening at her opening. He dove right in and licked her there once, tasting her.

“So am I really the first?” He asked, breathing in her unique scent.

“Yes.” She hissed as he brought a hand under her buttocks and jerked her up towards him.

Lex let his other hand travel over her breasts, stopping to trace her aureole and gently squeeze her nipples between his fingers.

Her eyes were already closing: a combination of girlish discomfiture and a need to concentrate on the new and extreme feeling Lex was creating.

“Open your eyes, Chloe,” Lex commanded, and Chloe obeyed immediately. Moving his mouth up, close to her left nipple, he slowly snaked out his tongue and flicked it, toying with it for a moment, making the rose-colored nub hard and sensitive, taking pleasure from her gasps.

“Am I the only one to do that, Chloe?” he asked, his voice husky with desire.

“Yes,” the young girl said in a whisper. “Only your mouth has ever touched me like that,” she added, realizing how much of a turn on speaking like that could be when his erection pressed into her thigh and he gripped her more tightly.

Lex’s eyes darkened dangerously at her response. He moved his hands down her stomach and through the patch of curls between her thighs. Cupping her like before, he asked, “Would you like me to touch you here, Chloe?”

“Yes,” she said again, before moaning uncontrollably. The man was moving his hand back and forth against her bare lips, tantalizing her clit by brushing his fingers across them with a whisper-soft touch. Wanting to arouse him more, she fought the fog that threatened to take over her brain, searching for an answer to drive his desire higher. She was quickly learning his game and how to please him. “Only your hands could ever bring me this much pleasure, Lex,” she said, bringing her lips to his.

Lex, unhinged, flipped the unsuspecting girl onto her back and captured her mouth in another searing kiss. He realized he had a mission, and it didn’t include him getting off until she had. He broke the kiss reluctantly. He only wanted to think of her and that night, and how much he wanted to do this, to give her pleasure like she had never experienced.

Never stopping his ministrations, he moved down her body, nipping and kissing. Chloe was both shocked and pleased at her success. She had realized sometime during their time together, that Lex was probably not acting in character. She could easily determine that he normally had control, especially sexually. He probably talked a lot more; liking the power his words could have over the body he was with. This was different. He had apologized three times now about not taking enough time with her, and feeling like an adolescent.

Chloe didn’t mind. She liked that she had the power to make him loose it, because he had the very same power over her. Their ‘friendship’ seemed very much equal to her.

She had been momentarily oblivious to his movements and it didn't quite register when he removed his hands from the confinement of her thighs to her breasts, and began stroking them lightly, teasing them with the occasional pinch. So lost was she that when his lips firmly settled over her clit in an open-mouthed kiss, she gasped loudly, afraid she would die from the sensation.

Lex knew she couldn't have denied him anything at that point…She was his to do whatever he wanted…Putty in his hands. Except this wasn’t about getting anything from her, it wasn’t about power, it wasn’t about anything but her, which was definitely a first for the young Luthor.

She couldn't imagine anything feeling better than his mouth and tongue until he moved his hand from her breasts to her sopping core. His fingers brushed lightly back and forth, teasing. Lex stroked her, relaxing her to his touch. He applied more pressure, basking in her total arousal.

He purred his pleasure, greedily lapping at her juices as they began to run down her legs. Using one hand to hold her down, he moved his tongue back to her clit and slowly slipped two fingers into her tight channel, never stopping the magic his tongue was working.

Chloe grabbed his head in her hands, trying to get the pressure her body instinctively craved. When Lex added another finger, changing angles, the young girl completely lost all control as her orgasm hit.

Lex never missed a beat as he brought her down slowly with his fingers and tongue, using her moans and gasps as his guide.

She realized then how gentle and loving he had been, how he kissed her and enveloped her in his arms until her shaking stopped and she was brought back to reality.

This was starting to feel like something different than friends. Actually, if she had dwelled, she would have had to admit to herself that although she felt mature about everything else in her life, she had never been in a sexual relationship, and she couldn’t help but feel very deep… things for Lex. He had found her at the very lowest of points, and had brought her back with his touch, his kisses and the inner-self he had let out once in awhile during her presence. She sleepily reminded herself not to use the L-word. She wasn’t stupid, she know this would be ruined, probably sooner than later, and they would look at each other awkwardly when they saw each other in town, but a part of her really wanted to believe that this could grow and last. That they could stay friends, confidantes and lovers.

Lex, who was sitting next to her, waited till she looked conscious to say with a smug smile:

“Now you know what else I am the king of.”

Clark Kent sighed in relief. He had been rooted in place, watching Lex doing things he had never really believed people did. Being the alien he was, he had never ventured into the world of sex with anyone. Well, anyone except himself. He knew everything appeared normal, although once he had had to clean off the ceiling the night after Lana had been under the effect of that Nicodemus flower. And of the three times he had received kisses from Chloe, her body close to his had awakened the same desires in him as it would have any mortal man. At least according to books, encyclopedias, sexual education classes, the Internet and his friend Pete. He himself had carried his books lower than usual on more than one occasion, which he knew was also entirely normal. Still, he hadn’t done anything about his sexual awakening, for fear of disastrous consequences.

It’s just that to see it in person, even with x-ray vision, was at once shocking and beautiful and really, really arousing. Lex had been touching a woman in the most intimate way. He wondered what it would feel like to do that. And what it would feel like if Lex were doing things to him. He didn’t have to hide with Lex, but he was also his best friend. And the man was clearly into women.

Clark realized his buttons had popped open and he was touching himself. He blushed and before he could turn around, the women’s body shook and Lex stopped his ministrations. He looked around, embarrassed.

“Now you know what else I’m the king of.”

Chloe couldn’t think of something to say to that, and didn’t want to ruin the mood by belting him with whatever object was in the area. She shifted positions so she could straddle Lex. She let him enter her and slowly slid down onto his erection. Oh. This was really, really good.

Chloe kept a steady rhythm, staring her lover in the eye. She enjoyed the sensation immensely, but she could feel something different happening. She felt incredibly emotional. Her heart ached as she watched him, like maybe this could be the last time, like it was so precious, like he felt it too. She pretended she wasn’t hearing her mind shouting what her heart felt.

As Lex held onto Chloe, watching her moving up and down on him, he could feel heat shooting through his body.

It wasn’t supposed to feel this way. This wasn’t allowed to happen; he wasn't and could not be normal. < I can’t. > he kept thinking. He shut his eyes and brought his head to rest on her shoulders. He pressed her down harder and thrust up to meet her. As the rhythm built and Lex crumbled inside; he barely kept himself from bursting into tears. They kissed feverishly as their bodies rocked and crashed against each other, harder and deeper still.

< Oh my god. > Thought the young raven-haired voyeur.

< Oh, my god. What have I done? This is so wrong. What is wrong with me? What will Lex think? What would my friends think? >

Still, he couldn’t tear his eyes away. He was watching two bodies join together and not only was it fascinating but it was so hot he didn’t think he could breath. He wasn’t sure when he had started levitating, or when he had started pumping his dick again but imagining them made him feel like fire was coursing through his veins.

Imagining Lana or Chloe getting that close to him, giving themselves over without fear.

Imagining Lex totally unguarded; naked; touching him, loving him.

What would real, passionate kissing feel like? What would touching someone’s naked body be like? What would nails down his back feel like, what would someone sliding down his body to …. He imagined the act being slick and hot, and oh so satisfying.

He groaned his pleasure through gritted teeth, totally mesmerized by the scene before him, and the various scenarios going on in his head.

They were getting louder and louder. So much louder in fact, that they could have woken up the entire house, had they not been so completely alone. The act was just so much bigger than them that they were both only along for the ride.

Lex had never felt this way before, not even close.

For Chloe; this was truly everything she hoped sex could be. Spiritual even.

Lex and Chloe were both sweating, and clinging to each other. Lex was now the one with his eyes closed, his head cocked back, exposing his pale neck.

Chloe bent down and kissed, then bit it hard enough for him to cry out her name.

When their eyes locked, her stomach tightened in reaction to the intense, almost desperate gaze she received.

“Chloe?” He croaked.

“What is it?” She panted.

“Tell me you love me.”

Her inner walls started to quiver and a few tears streaked her cheeks. She allowed herself to say it out loud.


He kissed her with feral passion.

“Say it again.”

“I love you. God, I really do.”

“Say my name,” he demanded, thrusting up savagely, quickening his pace.

“Lex! Oh, God Lex!” She let go, releasing a powerful orgasm.

“Yes!” He screamed his own violent release.

Clark couldn’t hear anything but the beating of his own heart, and he couldn’t feel anything except extremely intense and explosive pleasure and the skin ripping off his right hand again. He came so hard he back-flipped and floated down closer to the ground, before opening his eyes and falling unceremoniously onto the concrete below, cracking it in several places.

He realized he had been up higher than ever, up against the third floor wall, which explained why pleasuring himself had ripped his hand open several times. Still, whatever injury he sustained, if he ever did, was fixed faster than even he could blink. He should probably worry about the holes he no doubt made into the rocks he had been rubbing up against.

He slowly got off the ground and dusted himself off. He felt uneasy, sort of perverted, and relaxed too. He realized he hadn’t been hearing those far off voices. He took a deep breath, savoring the silence, and just when he was about to thank the Gods in Heaven, they started again.

His somber mood came back. He needed to see Lex. He started pacing, waiting for his chance.

Both exhausted and satiated, Chloe and Lex held each other, close to sleep.

Terror creped in Lex’s heart when he had realized what had transpired. He had just screwed up the potentially best relationship he had ever had by throwing love into the mix. He had behaved exactly how he feared. Next, he would be hanging pictures of the people he loved around his office to display his weaknesses for every business acquaintance or employee to see. Next he would be seen skipping down the street, or have the urge to hold hands in public. He would no longer be any kind of threat, for anyone. He was exactly as his father said, he was emotional. His life theme was emotionality. To his annoyance, he could feel 1000 different things in under 5 minutes and come back again. He was constantly dealing with keeping his emotions in check, at hiding himself from all others. Now, he wasn’t sure if he could keep it up. She said she loved him. That changed everything.

< I said I love him. Woops. He must think I am the epitome of stupid teenagers who- wait a minute! He asked me… Well, maybe it’s a sex thing. But it isn’t, is it? And do I? YES! YES! YES! I mean… Yes. I love the way he looks, the way he talks, the sadness behind his eyes and how I can make it go away. I love hanging out with him and bantering about whatever subject. I love how he makes me feel and how he feels inside me… Oh, yeah. I love him. Even if I am just a teenager with a dad out of town and a nasty bout of cervical- DAD! Oh, crap. >

“Crap. I gotta get up.”

“You don’t ‘gotta’ do anything, or go anywhere, remember?”

“What time is it?” She said, jumping around to find her clothes frantically.

“A little before ten.”

“Oh, good. He’ll still be awake.”


“Gotta call my dad. We have a standing 9 o’clock phone date when he’s out of town,” she explained. “Have you seen my cell phone?”

Chloe found it before Lex could help. The man put on his underwear and pants, and left his shirt open.

“Chloe, you aren’t leaving are you?”

“No, but would you call your father naked?”

“I have.” He said seriously.

“Eww,” she said, dancing around to get the weird image out of her head. “That’s so gross, dude.”

Chloe stopped moving abruptly and put her hand in front of her mouth, eyes wide.

Lex couldn’t resist. He laughed.

“You said ‘dude’.”

“Did not.”

“Yes you did. You called me dude.”

“No I didn’t.”

“Yes you did,” he reiterated, enjoying the redness of her cheeks and embarrassed smile.

“If you tell anyone about this, I’ll tell them about the weird naked calls.”

“I’m saying sometimes I happen to be naked and on the phone at the same time. It isn’t calculated.”

“I don’t know that for sure.” She teased.

“Okay, okay. Waving the proverbial white flag, here,” he smiled, taking a few steps towards her.

She wrapped her arms around him, under his open shirt, nuzzling his pale skin and trailing soft kisses across his chest.

He let go of her and walked towards the door. She followed.

“I’ll be in another room. You can make your call here.”

“How will I find you?”

“I’ll be back.”

“Thank you.” Chloe said, pulling him down in a clearly unexpected but welcomed kiss. He ripped himself away before he gave in to his need to back her up against the door and lift her skirt. He managed to look no more than slightly flustered as he walked away.

When he strolled into the room he was looking for, he didn’t immediately see the being pacing in front of his bureau.

“Hi Lex.”

“Clark, what are you doing here?”

“I needed to come-” he blushed, “I mean I had to see you, to ask you for the tablet.”

Lex, clearly caught off guard, only managed to follow up after a few seconds.

“Why do you need it now? Don’t you want to wait and see if someone can translate it?”

Lex was even more perplexed when Clark indicated ‘no’.

“There are a couple of words that come up during the super computer translations that routinely translate with the other methods, but other than those, we’ve had no luck.”

“This is going to sound crazy Lex, but I think I can read it.”


“I just need it back. I can’t explain it. Is it here?”

“Yes, you know I promised you it would never leave this house and it hasn’t.”

Lex went to a safe and started punching in numbers.

“So how did you know I was here, the house is deserted,” asked the bald man, trying to sound nonchalant.

“I used my ex-ray vision.”

Lex didn’t look well.

“I didn’t mean to see what I saw. Honest Lex, I-”

“How long had you been spying, Clark?” He asked, nervously.

“Who was that woman you were with?” Clark asked, diverting the question.

“Why, are you jealous?” Lex asked a little harshly, before he could censor his answer.

What he saw in the younger man disturbed him. He could have sworn he was jealous, but of what, of whom? Had he had a chance with Clark all those years?

“Answer the question, Lex.” Asked the super boy, a little unsettled at how he, himself was sounding.

“Someone,” answered the bald man simply. “She’s someone I’m with now. -I couldn’t wait for you forever now could I?” He added mumbling, admitting his feelings for the first time out loud.


“Look Clark. I will always be your friend.” It killed him to say this, and he massaged his tense neck with one hand.


“You didn’t know?”

“No. Yes. Maybe. I saved your life. Then you became my best friend.”

“Well, this may be hard to understand but-”

“You dump this on me now?” Clark asked without really meaning too. His head was pounding with those voices and he could hardly concentrate, let alone have this conversation now. He would have to sort out his feelings later, when he didn’t feel so miserable.

“You asked.”

“No I didn’t. Can you give me the tablet?”

Lex handed him what he wanted, head hanging low.

Clark sat down, looking at it in awe.

“What is it Clark?”

“It’s like my birth certificate.”


“Kal-El, son of Jor-El and … My name is Kal-El. Kal-El. Clark. Kal-El… …On the planet Krypton… Krypton. I’m from Krypton. My name is Kal-El, I’m from the planet Krypton. I enjoy running faster than the wind, seeing through buildings and watching football games on television… My name is Kal-El. Kal-El.” He tried to reconcile himself with what he was reading.

“Clark.” Lex asked, concerned.

"Let me go, Lex." whispered his friend.

Before the older man could sit down next to Clark, he was gone. He had run out, jumping off the balcony and was no doubt half way home by now.


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