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Here lies Ann of Midnight's Angel TS, BtVS, Due South, Hard Core Logo, Harry Potter, Highlander, Smallville and multi-fandom fanfiction. Please check back for more or join my update list, so you don't have to.
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Author's note:Being back at work and taking care of my boys is pretty hectic. I swear all the fics will get finished in my lifetime and thank you for your continued support.
Friends wanting to keep up with me without having to contact me can go to my livejournal here-, but fic updates will only be available through this website or the mailing list. Thank you to the livejournal community for the icons I use on that site and on this page.
*If by any chance I am using an icon you made (before or during 2004) without permission, please e-mail me. I was not well organized back then and had trouble keeping track of icons, especially when sent by a 3rd party.


Got sidetracked in L.A.
Angel/Highlander fic. Angel/Methos pairing *SLASH*. Rates a hard R to be cautious except for chapter 6: this one's a big fat NC-17.
Skip to: LA 2 LA 3 LA 4 LA 5 LA 6 LA 7 LA 8 LA 9 LA 10

Down There
Smallville fic. Chloe/Lex pairing. NC-17 rating.
Skip to: DT 2 DT 3 DT 4 DT 5 DT 6 DT 7 DT 8 DT 9 DT 10 DT 11

The Stranger Summer
Smallville/BtVS fic. PG-13 rating.
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FINISHED FIC, newest on top:

Starting over

X-Men movies/BtVS,Angel Xover fic. Logan/Cordelia. Post United. Post Angel season 5. Sort of angsty, sort of funny. PG15.

Couldn't drink enough...

Due South fic. Fraser/Ray K. Post CotW. Sort of angsty. PG13.

Have you found the mini bar, Ray?

Due South fic. Fraser/Ray K. Slash. Post CotW. NC17.

Waiting to go on

Hard Core Logo fic. Joe/Billy Slash. Set just before the Calgary show. mild NC17.


Harry Potter fic. Snape. Good. Post book 6. PG13.

Aftermath, version: Evil

Harry Potter fic. Snape. Evil. Post book 6. PG13.

Family business

Angel fic. Post Angel Season 5. Moments in the last battle. PG13.

Angel/BtVS fic. Post ANGEL season 5 Angel/Spike pairing. NC-17 slash.
This fic was written for the Not fade Away ficathon in Livejournal's Loving Angel community.

BtVS fic. Post season 5 NearFuture!Dawn/Spike pairing. NC-17 rating.
This fic also mentions pre-Sunnydale non-canon vampire life and a brief touch of A/S.

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