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Dead? Again?

Well, as of Uncanny X-Men #423, Skin may be dead. This will be a second for him, having faked his death prior to his first appearance (A police autopsy that included a DNA sample concluded it was as a result of multple gunshot wounds). His last death was under the bullets of the Figueroa gang, this one, as one of random victims of the Church of Humanity, a religious group that believes mutants are against God's plan. He was one of a half-dozen young mutants (inluding Jesse formerly of X-Force, and Magma of the New Mutants and Skin's old teammate Jubilee) crusified on the front lawn of the Xavier Institute. Most of the other mutants were brought back to life, Skin was the only one shown on the bed unconcious and presumably dead. More on this as it develops.

Angelo Espinosa, the ex-gang member and ex-member of Generation X. With more skin than any three people would need, Skin is by far one of the most surreal super-heroes in the Marvel Universe!





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