When An Angel Visited Us

Her Schooling Days

After her home, probably the place Gazal loved most was her school - Fort Convent. She joined the school in Lower KG when she was 4. From the first day, she took an instant liking to her Principal, her teachers and her classmates. She used to occasionally complain as to why there was no school on Saturdays and Sundays! She was especially happy that her elder sister was going to the same school.Gazal in a pensive pose

Gazal at Madhu's sister's desk. Madhu's sister Renu is Vice-Principal in a school in New DelhiSchool used to commence at 8.20 AM with prayers in the Assembly Hall. Come rain or shine, Gazal used to be ready to go to school by 7.45 AM (it was a 15 minutes walk from our house). Before Sonal passed out of school, both the sisters used to go there together. Sonal has the habit of doing everything at the last minute. Gazal used to become extremely impatient at the delay, one of the very few causes that made her lose her exemplary patience. In addition to her love for her school, she was extremely sensitive to criticism. She did not want her Principal or her teachers to record bad remarks in her diary.

In this day and age, I guess there would be very few children so respectful and obedient to their teachers, as Gazal was. This respect was born not out of fear or awe but out of love. Occasionally, one of her teachers would be absent from school on account of sickness. At such times, Gazal would carry a permanent worried expression on her face. We used to heave a sigh of relief on seeing her joy when the teacher returned to school.Gazal preening herself before a function in her school

Sometimes, some of the children would be mischievous during class (as children are wont to be) and trouble the teacher, either by talking loudly or by some other pranks. That day, on coming home, Gazal would roundly criticize her classmates and sympathize with her teacher. She could not understand how the children could be so cruel!

Gazal reciting a poem in a function in her schoolOn account of her exemplary behaviour, Gazal was being considered for being made the Class Monitor or Prefect. However, by that time, the symptoms of the recurring problem which she had, had started, and her attendance had been affected. On the day when one of her classmates was made the Class Monitor, in her place, Gazal came home and cried bitterly. It was, probably, one of the major disappointments of her life.

Due to her interest in school and in the various subjects and her diligence, Gazal was academically brilliant. She continued to get very good grades right till her problem assumed serious proportions. Though she liked all the subjects, she was especially fond of Mathematics. At the first opportunity, she would sit down with her Math's book and a blank diary, and start practicing her sums.

In this connection, a particularly poignant incident comes to my mind. A couple of days before Gazal passed away, I heard some sounds early in the morning. On getting up from sleep, I found Gazal searching for something in the room. When I inquired as to what she was looking for, she replied that she was searching for her Math's book. She wanted to practice Math's sums, in order to prepare for her final exams in March. It was with great difficulty that I persuaded her to go back to sleep, promising her that she would be allowed to do all the Math's she wanted, once she was feeling better. Alas, that was not to be!Gazal rehearsing before taking part in a play Sonal and she had organized in our apartment complex

Apart from Math's, Gazal was always very enthusiastic about her computer classes. She used to discuss her computer lessons with me and ask searching questions. She was overjoyed when we bought our home computer. She was the first one in our home to learn typing on the keyboard and later she developed a passion for computer games.

Gazal preparing for one of her examsIn her last year in school, i.e. in the Ninth Grade, Gazal was able to attend classes only for about two months. Thereafter, she developed fever, which initially could not be diagnosed, and was later found to be the symptom of her main problem, which would eventually claim her life.

After Gazal's funeral, Sister Edel, Principal of her school, and other sisters very kindly came to our house and conducted a special prayer for her. Sister Edel called Gazal God's child. She said that God had given her to us only for 14 years and then He had taken her back.

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