When An Angel Visited Us

Gazal, with her favourite toys

The Joys In Her Life

Gazal had a few favourite pastimes and a few favourite things, which brought joy in her life:

  • Computer Games, especially PacMan.
  • Crosswords and Puzzles.
  • Stationary Items, especially pens.
  • Hair Accessories, like Clips.
  • Barbie Dolls (she was like a doll herself; in fact, at home, we used to call her Gudiya, which in Hindi means a doll - she also loved the number 'I'm Barbie').
  • The Hindi film 'Bobby'. When she was around 4-5 years old, she saw the movie at least twenty times on the VCR.
  • Yellow Roses.
  • Eatables like
    • Icecreams.
    • Chicken burgers.
    • Pizzas.
    • Cornflakes (she called it cornflu).
    • Chinese food, especially noodles.
    • Porridge (it is called 'Dalia'in Hindi,she called it 'Dallu').
    • Rosogollas (Indian sweet made from milk).
    • Bananas.
    • Sweet Pan (Indian Betel Leaf).
    • Glucose Biscuits.
    • Eclairs.

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