When An Angel Visited Us

Her Final Moments

Though Gazal's passing away has shattered our world, and we will miss her as long as we live, there is some consolation in knowing that in her final moments she did not suffer.

On 10th February 1999, Gazal was feeling somewhat drowsy. In the evening we rang up her neurosurgeon, who advised us to bring her to the hospital next morning for a check-up. The next morning she was too drowsy to get up on her own. However, she responded to our greetings of 'Good Morning' and even gave us a smile. With the help of our neighbours, Mr.Mukesh Mathur and Dr.Kumkum Mathur, we took Gazal to the hospital by 8.30 AM. At that time, except for the drowsiness and slight hyperventilation, there was no other problem. Till 9.30 AM, she continued to assure us that she was well. Only thereafter, her condition worsened suddenly and she stopped responding to our inquiries. Though she was rushed to the ICU, it was all over by 10.10 AM. The senior Neurosurgeon called us to a small room adjacent to the ICU, made us sit down, and told us that Gazal was no more. He had tears in his eyes and after telling us, he immediately left the room. It was the first time in my life I had seen a medical professional crying. That was the effect Gazal had on everyone.

The previous day, i.e. 10th February, she had requested for a number of her favourite dishes and fruits like cornflakes, rosogollas, bananas, etc. It appears that since she knew that she was leaving the material world, she wanted to fulfill her material wishes to the extent possible. She went away like a true saint, without any physical pain.

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