When An Angel Visited Us

Gazal regaling an audience with her favourite joke

Her Favourite Joke

Although Gazal was fond of reading and recounting jokes and humorous stories, she was particularly fond of telling the following story:

Three men from different villages met on a train journey. After the usual small talk, they began comparing life in their villages. Each villager told the others that life in his village was the best. They even boasted about the extremes of the climate in their villages.
The first villager said," In my village, it is so cold that we have to sleep with 5 blankets. No place can be colder."
The second villager boasted," That is nothing. In my village, it is so cold that we have to sleep with 10 blankets. It must be the coldest place on earth."
The third villager finally clinched the argument by saying," In my village, it is so cold that the cows instead of giving milk, give icecreams"

I have a suspicion that Gazal made up that one. Her passion for icecreams shows up too clearly! She would have loved to be in that village!

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