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Awards Received For This Site

" Upon review of your site, we found certain criteria met or surpassed for the presentation of an award. The web community benefit and the site content were high on the list of criteria for the review as well as the exceptional color scheme and ease of navigation. We at H&H are pleased to present to you the prestigious Silver award, which is only displayed on the finest web sites in the world. Congratulations on a job well done and your contribution to the web community as a whole."

Thank you, Thomas Horne.

" You have a wonderful page here. I would like to congratulate you on winning my '1999 Best of the Web' award. You most certainly meet my criteria for an award."

Thank you, Vickie.

" Gazal is obviously a special gift. You've done a wonderful job showing your love for her on this site. You are only the 3rd person to receive this award."

Thank you, Caitlin Jay.


" I just came from visiting your site - with tears in my eyes as I write this. The love for your daughter is beautiful. I have a special award that I give to pages that are about someone's child or loved ones. Because these pages are ' from the heart '."

Thank you, Jan.

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Bold & Beautiful   Caring & Compassionate
The Joys in her Life   Her Favourite Joke
Her Final Moments
Her Letter From Heaven
A Tribute From Classmates
Awards Received For This Site

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