When An Angel Visited Us


One of the last photos of Gazal, a few months before she passed away

28th April 1984 to 11th February 1999

"Mummy, Papa, bye, bye, I'm going to heaven. God is calling me." Gazal's words woke us from sleep. It was three o'clock in the early hours of the morning on 6th February 1999.

True to her words, Gazal finally left us for her heavenly abode at 10.10 AM on 11th February 1999.The end came following belated complications of a brain surgery for a recurrent but benign brain tumor.

Throughout her short life, Gazal gave unbounded joy to all those who came in contact with her. To those of us who were fortunate to be part of her immediate family, she was an angel from heaven. She was God's own child whom He had given to us only for this brief period. She was a divine soul, who, like the saints and sages before her, had correctly forecast the event of leaving this world.

This web site is a memorial for Gazal and her brief stay on this planet. It is a chronicle of her life and a thanksgiving for her stay with us. It is a recollection of her many qualities and of her unalloyed love for her family, her friends and her acquaintances, in fact, her love for life itself. It is also a celebration of her beauty, both from within and without.

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People ask,"Why do children and other young people die, when they have lived so little?" How do you know that they have lived so little? This crude measure of yours is time,but life is not measured in time. This is just the same as to say "Why is this saying, this poem, this picture, this piece of music so short, why was it broken off and not drawn to the size of the longest speech or piece of music, the largest picture?"

As the measure of length is inapplicable to the meaning (or greatness) of productions of wisdom or poetry, so - even more evidently - it is inapplicable to life. How do you know what inner growth this soul accomplished in its short span, and what influence it had upon others? Spiritual Life Cannot Be Measured By A Physical Measure.


Please do find time to go through all the pages of this website to know more about Gazal, about our family and about our country. Please record your comments in the Guestbook before you leave. Please also feel free to contact me at angelgazal@yahoo.co.uk

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