Merry Meet! Welcome to my Wicca site! My name is Amethyst Rain and it is a pleasure to meet you. This site is dedicated to the wonderful belief of Wicca (otherwise known as Witchcraft). I personally am a beginner of this religion. This is what this site is about. Beginning this journey. So, every thing that I learn will go up here. I am going to be a solitary witch, so all my resorces will be from books and other web-pages. So, expect a lot in the link section! *wink* Also, this site will mostly be for teens, 'cause.. well, I'm a teen!
03/29/02 - An all out change! Well, just the main page. I might slowly switch the pages to this kind of style. Free-for-all links put in Links page. Add your links, please! Well, there might be more added that I might not have time to put up! So, keep you eyes peeled!!
Well, I'm going to start with a major basic, then I'll get to the other stuff. What is Wicca? It is a nature based religion. (Huh? What?) It is a religion that beleives in the unity of nature. You beleive in a "Supreme Being" and that it is divided into two beings, the God and Goddess! Pretty simple, huh? Well, a lot of people might not consider this the "correct" way of defining Wicca, but it makes sense to me! So, what do witches do? They try to balance out what's inside themselves with what's outside. They cast spells, making sure they don't cause anyone damage, and they worship a God and Goddess. They also do many things that most people have heard about, like meditation and praying. If you want a good "teen style" book, read Teen Witch: Wicca for a New Generation. It's by Silver Ravenwolf, and is a great translator!
Well, you now have the basic idea as to what this web site is about. So, lets get to the Chapters!
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