Greetings...I am Alticulas...

I"ve made my home at the Enchanted Forest of Fantasy Castle... I travel in a hot-air balloon. I am a friendly baker and former knight-in-training...kind and good hearted...lover of a good pie fight as well.

I have in my posession my Sword of Quick Wits and Staff of Knowledge thus Far Gained...

I've made many friends in the forest and would like to thank them for honoring me as me as one of them... Moonmyst, Serenitee, sparrow, Archer, TuxMask, Dartanion, Lady Tifa, Gentle Traveler, Sweet Song, Al & Serris, Silverfeather, Truly Scrumptious, and several others whose names escape me right now....(I wonder where all those guys are these days anyways?)

Please visit the forest where perhaps we will meet and share a tankard of ale, a newly baked loaf of bread and some pleasant company...

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Renaissance and Celtic Fair Music
Medieval/Renaissance Food
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