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If you go to message boards often, then Ryu is certain you have heard of something called 1337. What is it exactly? Ryu will best try to explain what it is here.
Where can you find Ryu? This is a list of GameFAQs boards that Ryu prefers to go to, where you will most likely find Ryu.
A list of some of Ryu's favorite games, and favorite games of all time, and some games that Ryu wishes to play, but can't.
Ryu would like to take this time to welcome you to his webpage. He is glad you have taken the time to view his page, and he hopes you will have a good time looking through it.

Besides working on his webpage, Ryu also enjoys going to the
GameFAQs boards, communicating with other fellow users, and sharing opinions with them.

Ryu hopes you enjoy what this page has to offer. Ryu will try his best to give you more to enjoy about this page.

Ryu encourages you to take a look at this page, and the contents contained within. Please use the links to the left to navigate this site. Hover over any of the buttons to see a description of each section.

NOTES: Ryu recommends that you view this page at 1024x768. Why does he make this recommendation? It's simple really. The site was made to be viewed at said resolution, and so he believes that viewing it at a resolution that it was not intended to be viewed at will cause the view to be messed up for you in some way or another.
The secret boards of GameFAQs revealed
How much do you know about GameFAQs? Play this trivia to find out.
A list of some of Ryu's favorite websites
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